Insects, Disease, and Weeds – The Main Lawn Problems

According to TruGreen complaints about lawns usually relate to weeds. Whether the lawn is old or new, almost every customer that True Green has, first came to them because they had weeds and didn’t know how to make things look good again. Because the company is committed to true lawn care, however, they recommend people stay away from what they usually do, which is turning to chemical weed killers.

What Is Wrong with Chemical Products?

A truly good lawn service isn’t just about making a lawn look good cosmetically, it is about it actually being heathy. There is simply no way chemicals can do this. Chemical products don’t just kill weeds, they kill plants and that includes lawns, therefore. Not just that, they are potentially dangerous for children, animals, edible plants, flowers, and more. While some people don’t like to use organic products because they are generally more expensive and slower to act, it is clear from the company’s reviews that they know what they are talking about. Their customers consistently comment that their lawns now look better than ever before. By the way, if you read one and you find this review has benefited you, then feel free to let them know. When you reply to review, you provide a wealth of important information.

The True Green Process

True Green will use natural products and spray your lawn so that the weeds are killed. This allows the grass to thicken, thereby covering the bare spots. More than anything however, TruGreen works on increasing the health of the lawn. Only a healthy lawn can resist further weeds. This means that they feed the lawn after treating it, and identify any disease, pests, excess moisture, or other problems that are also present and have contributed to the issue in the first place.

True Green also educates their clients about proper lawn care. For instance, a lot of people mow their lawn very short, hoping they don’t have to mow it that often. In reality, however, this will make it more likely for the lawn to be attacked by fungi. Similarly, people often water at night because it is more convenient for them. Doing so, however, can encourage diseases to grow. Early morning is a much better time for watering.

There is the issue of the soil itself. Too many people believe that, once their lawn is established, the ground doesn’t really matter anymore. In reality, it must be regularly aerated, any areas where it is raised or dipped have to be addressed, and more. Healthy soil means that the lawn seeds have a better chance of establishing strong, deep roots, where they can learn to properly look after themselves.

A final point of interest is that people have a real fear of moles on their lawns. While there is something to be said about having to remove moles, the reality is also that they eat many of the damaging insects that can affect lawns. That said, removing them is usually the better option.

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