10 terrific money-saving hacks for travel

With so many costs associated with going on vacation, it can take ages to save up the necessary funds.

With that in mind, here are 10 terrific money-saving hacks for travel.

  1. Live like a local

To save cash on your trip, try living more like a local. For example, instead of heading to the superstore for food, try hitting up a local market. Also, avoid eating in pricey touristy areas and check out some street food stalls instead.

  1. SIM swap

If you’re tied of getting tripped up by extortionate international roaming charges, swapping your current SIM for a local one for the duration of your trip is a great idea.

  1. Use Hopper

Flights and accommodation are usually your largest travel costs, so there’s nothing more frustrating than forking out on them only to find that the prices have dropped. This is where travel site Hopper comes into its own – it uses historical data to predict price changes and tells you when the cheapest time to buy is.

  1. Travel off-peak

If you’ve got the luxury of flexibility, travelling during off-peak periods (outside of the summer months and school holidays) is a great idea. Everything from your flights to your accommodation and attraction tickets will likely be cheaper. Just beware, because off-peak periods can vary depending on the location, so you’ll need to do your research.

  1. Pack light

Packing light and taking carry-on luggage only will save you from paying for additional checked luggage. If you’re worried about going over the weight restrictions for your carry-on, try wearing some of your heaviest clothing whilst at the airport.

  1. Use public transport

Taxis and Ubers might allow you to travel door to door, however, in the long-term, they’re an expensive way to get around. So unless you’re travelling with heavy bags, it’s better and cheaper to use public transport instead.

  1. Stay at a hostel

If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly accommodation option, consider staying at a hostel. Many hostels come with kitchen facilities and free food, which makes them great value for money. If this sounds good, check out accommodation site Hostelworld.

  1. Walk

For those days where you’re staying relatively local, rather than hop on the bus or train, why not walk instead? It’s free and allows you to see your destination’s hotspots up close and personal.

  1. Pre-book airport parking

If you’re travelling as part of a group, driving to the airport often works out cheaper than using public transport. To further cut the costs down, pre-book your parking on comparison platform Looking4.com – it has delicious deals for hubs from Ontario to Orlando.

  1. Use a VPN

Travel prices can vary depending on the location you’re searching from. So try using A VPN (virtual private network), which makes it look like you’re browsing from elsewhere and see if you can bag yourself bargain deal.

With these 10 terrific hacks to hand, you’ll have no trouble saving money for your next travel adventure.

That’s our list! Share your own money-saving hacks in the comments section.