10 Tricks to Know a Person in Ten Minutes

With Tinder and speed dating the new way to find a partner, it is imperative that we learn how to get to know someone more quickly. We put together some of the best tricks for getting to know someone quickly to help you out.

How to Know Someone in Less Than Ten Minutes

So how do you get to know someone fast? Follow our tricks to find out.

1 – Ask What’s on their Bucket List

This will tell you both what they have already achieved in their lives, and where they are going next. They will automatically tell you about the coolest aspects of their lives, giving you an accurate reflection on how daring they are, what their goals are, and how far they have come.

2 – Aske What Makes Them Happiest

The hobbies and free time a person spend give you great clues on who they are. If they are quiet, if they go out a lot, all of this is information you might need in a  future relationship.

3 – Ask an Escort, Instead

If you try all of this and it works you still have no guarantee that you are going to like the person, at the end of it all. You can always try asking an escort to that important function, instead. Don’t leave yourself hanging. Contact a West Midland Escorts in your area today.

4 – Smile and Be Positive

Smiling sends sub-conscious signals that you can be trusted, it makes you welcoming and endearing. Smile more, both women and men like it.

5 – Ask ‘Either’, ‘or’ Questions

We are always doing it with our friends. You can ask several either/or questions in the space of a minute. For example:

  • Swimming or Sunbathing?
  • Clubbing or Netflix?

You get the idea.

6 – Don’t be One Sided

Talk about yourself, too. If you pressure a person without giving anything back it starts to feel odd. Similarly, if she/he dodges an uncomfortable question don’t keep asking it. They will only remember how you made them squirm, later.

7 – Focus on Commonality

Find the things you have in common and let them drive the conversation. Don’t linger on things your opinions collide on, just take note of them and pass on over them. You can lose a lot of time arguing with someone, otherwise.

8 – Get their Digitails

Digitails – their details on a digital level. What’s their Facebook or TikTok? This is the modern-day equivalent of a phone number. You can learn everything about someone with a quick glance at their social media accounts.

9 – Go Somewhere Quiet

When planning where you are going to spend the ten minutes to get to know someone, choose somewhere with limited distractions. A movie is great, but you don’t talk. Dinner is better but might last hours. A coffee shop or bar is great, social events even better.

10 – Use conversations Starters

We actually found a website that specialises in providing conversation starters for the socially awkward. Using any of their two hundred lines will help you if the conversation dries up. It’s hard to talk on a date – but these will work for all areas of your life. Get out there and make some new friends!