3 Shoes Every College Student Needs

One aspect of college that many students do not anticipate is the amount of walking they will have to do on campus. From walking to classes to trekking to the library from their dorm, college students spend a surprising amount of time on their feet. This is why shoes are one of the most important investments an incoming college student can make ahead of their arrival on campus! Despite the importance of a comfortable pair of walking shoes, many students prioritize fashion over comfort; but it’s possible to find shoes that offer both. Here are a few of the best shoes for college students who will be doing a lot of walking (and want to look stylish while they’re at it). 

1. Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots 

These classic shoes are not only stylish, but they are extremely comfortable. Dr. Martens are known for their durability over time, making these a great investment for any student looking for a solid pair of shoes to last throughout their college career. While the classic Dr. Martens boots often take a bit of time to break in and might not be the most comfortable option for walking long distances, the Chelsea boots are praised for their extreme comfort, plus they come in a variety of colors making them perfect for students with many different tastes. These shoes tend to run a bit small, so make sure you size up if necessary to avoid complications that will require a procedure like non invasive bunion surgery. 

2. Chacos 

Known for their versatility that makes them the perfect shoe for strenuous outdoor activities like hiking, swimming (they’re waterproof!), and climbing, Chacos are comfortable enough to be worn every day. With a comfortable sole and breathable straps that can be customized with designs that can suit any outfit, Chacos are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. These shoes are perfect for college students who anticipate long walks to and from class, and who enjoy a little outdoor recreation outside of school. 

3. Adidas Superstars

Looking for a pair of durable and comfortable sneakers that will look stylish with any outfit you assemble? Try out a classic pair of Adidas Superstars. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these classic shoes are built to last and are comfortable enough to wear while walking long distances or even while hitting the gym.