4 Ways to Have an Awesome Family Vacation on a Budget

Most of us have an idea of what an ideal family vacation would look like. Unfortunately, circumstances outside of our control can sometimes derail an awesome family holiday before it even begins. Indeed, there’s nothing more frustrating than saving up for years only to find that you still don’t have enough money in the bank to make the vacation of your dreams a reality. Fortunately, you can still have a wonderful time with your kids in tow –– without breaking the bank. Here are four ways to orchestrate a fabulous family vacation on a budget:

Detailed Planning

Often, you can find ways to save money on a vacation if you take the time to prepare diligently beforehand. Many times, the price of a vacation will skyrocket due to unforeseen but also avoidable purchases made during the trip itself. The good news is, the more precise your itinerary is, the less likely you’ll get sidetracked by costly diversions that don’t end up adding much to the overall experience.

Avoid Hotels & Tourist Traps

Many moons ago, travelers were restricted in regard to where they could stay and what they could see on vacation. Thankfully, you’re no longer hampered by traditional (and expensive) travel accommodations. Hotels can prove a cost-prohibitive measure for families looking to stretch their dollar while traveling. Instead, consider looking into alternative options for temporary lodging like Airbnb. Furthermore, visiting tourist traps is one of the fastest ways to see your funds diminish; avoid these tours and over-hyped destinations if at all possible.

Utilize Public Transport

Paying for taxis to navigate around town might not seem like such a hefty expense, but those purchases will add up over a week or two. Depending on where you visit, you’d be well advised to check out the local public transport system. Taking buses and trains will save you money and allow you to explore a new city in a more intimate way.

Plan a Staycation

Sometimes the best vacation is the one you have in your own backyard. Odds are there are some hidden gems that your town has to offer. So get your kids in the car and go see them! Plus, when you decide to stay at home for vacation, you can save big on many fees associated with travel. And that means you can splurge a bit in other ways. Go out for a bit of fine dining, or perhaps rent a party bus from a company like All About You Limos. The choice is yours, after all.