5 Creative Ways for Mammatrepreneurs to Make Money Online

If you are a mom and want to make some money whilst you raise the kids, the internet has provided you with the perfect opportunity. Moms all over the World are turning to the web to create businesses and earn extra money from the comfort of their home though the use of their laptop or desktop computer.

There are so many ways in which all the mamma’s out there too make money online and today we are going to run down the top 5 ways to do exactly that.


Blogging is a great way to make some money on the internet and moms are best place to do so thanks to their experiences with motherhood. You don’t necessarily have to blog about being a mother but it would be a great topic to write about as let’s be honest, there are mothers everywhere Googling the hell out motherhood topics. Creating a blog has never been easier than right now and if you think that you have something important or engaging to say then why not blog about it and grow an audience of like-mided people. Once your blog gets popular enough you can start to sell advertising space to make some real cash.


There is an incredible amount of freelancing jobs available on the internet and no matter what your skill or specialty is, there is bound to be something out there for you. You could be a content writer, a virtual secretary, an email handler or if you are particularly skilled then you could be a web or graphic designer. Working freelance can give you a great chance to earn cash and work on your own time.

Online Surveys

As part of your plan to create an online business, you could fill out online surveys and get paid for each one that you complete. Online surveys will not make you rich but you will be able to earn 3 or 4 dollars for each one and you can compete some of them in 15 minutes. There is no pressure to complete a certain amount of surveys, just do them when you are ready and when you have the time.

Connect Services

People say that the art to good business is being a good middle man, or middle mom in this case. You can make money be connecting someone that needs something with someone that can do it. For example, someone on Craigslist wants a website built and is willing to pay $1000, you head to a site like Upwork and post a web design job for $500. One you find someone, connect the two people and hey presto, you made $500 for doing very little.

Sell Stuff

It has quite literally never been easier to buy and sell things online that it is right now and you can really cash in on this process. Head to thrift shops with your mobile phone and start scanning a few things that you see, check out how much they sell for online and if you think you can turn a profit then go ahead and buy it and go get your profit.