5 Fashionable Ways to Stand Out From All The Mammas

I’ve always considered myself something of a fashionista and when the time came to have children I was pretty conscious that for many women who care about fashion choices, this goes right out of the window when the little ones come along. Even with the children, I still wanted to look good and I managed to maintain my style choices throughout pregnancy and as a mother.

Despite some days feeling like wearing nothing but slouchy clothes and comfy pants, I resisted the urge to do so and am so happy that I did, it gave me more confidence as a mom and in photos of my children, I am always happy with how I looked too. If you want to stand out from the mammas then here are some cool fashion tips for you.

Double Dress

I love nothing more than matching my clothes with my children, I don’t have the money to put either of us in matching Louis Vuitton dresses or anything so ostentatious but matching colors and styles looks really great. Matching clothing is something that your child will love too, especially if you have a little girl as all girls want to be just like their mom.

Comfy and Fashionable

There is a school of thought that suggests that you cannot be fashionable and comfortable at the same time, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even after the birth of my child, when I was still carrying a little baby weight, I found that wavy dresses and velour tracksuit pants looked great and just a simple vest top and a little jewelry could look really good.

Replacement Heels

I was so used to wearing heals before my child was born and although I did try and fail a few times to take my little one out whilst wearing heels, I realized that I could replace them and still look good. Boots are a great choice here, they will give the ‘all-action’ look that you want, and need when running around after toddler, and they look really cool and work with jeans and skirts.

Embrace Motherhood

You are not a catwalk model and you are not going to a glitzy ball, you are a mom and you ought to be proud of that, especially when it comes to your fashion choices. For example, you know that you are going to need a bag to carry the tons of diapers, creams and pieces of equipment which your child will need. Avoid taking a cute little clutch bag and instead, invest in a fashionable and functional large bag.

Make The Effort

The likelihood is that you will probably only be stepping out into public for the school run and a supermarket trip. In order to make yourself feel great and stand out fashion-wise, it will be important that you make the effort for these events, even if it means that you get home and change into your pajamas right away. Fashion is not just about looking great but feeling it too and a little effort for your window of opportunity can go a long way.