5 Tips to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Retreat

Is relaxation a priority in your life? Many get the relaxation they need from a new mattress, or a big-screen TV. Others among us wish we had more time to spend at a luxury spa. The good news is that with an initial investment, you can turn your own ordinary bathroom into something that more closely resembles a spa getaway – no appointment necessary. Here are five ways to make it happen.

  1. Go neutral.

The main thing standing between you and more relaxing bathroom can be as simple as what’s on the walls. If palm-print wallpaper isn’t particularly calming, let it be the first thing to go. Ivory, beige, or perhaps even pale blue interiors will help create the environment you’re looking for.

If your cabinets or vanities are made from worn wood or materials that are out of date, see what you can do about these as well. Depending on the finish, you might get away with painting them in a complementary chilled-out hue.

  1. Update any fabrics, swap out products.

You’re never going to fool yourself into this with those same threadbare towels hanging out. Invest in a pile of fluffy white towels, and replace any mats. A bamboo mat is one option that vastly outranks that frayed, dirty rug by the tub.

The same advice applies to simple products, like soap. Rather than going for the cheapest or most widely available, take the time to see what beneficial ingredients and fragrances you can choose from to elevate the experience.

  1. Clear it out.

Rows and piles of stuff may be creating a lot of mental noise that’s preventing you from relaxing in the bathroom. If you have an open collection of products, makeup, or cleaning supplies sitting out, find other ways to store and organize these things. You may find a neater way to display them, or you might be able to edit your current storage enough to accommodate extra toiletries.

  1. Replace the most important fixtures.

Creating a spa is easy enough when you have a big remodeling budget. However, all it may take is one or two new elements to make a huge difference. For instance, if you buy a beautiful freestanding tub, you may find that’s all you need to completely shift your perception.

If even that is beyond reach, focus on smaller fixtures like shower heads. You can drastically alter your feelings about washing up when you get to select the pressure and volume of your shower.

  1. Address the senses.

Too many focus on sight (design) and touch (towels and tubs), but not on hearing and smell. As a result, we miss out on the finer points that make spa days extra relaxing. This is an easy and relatively budget-friendly fix; use an aromatherapy diffuser, and get a wireless speaker to pump soothing sounds into your bathroom.

Stress is all too prevalent in modern life. Unwinding from stress shouldn’t be something you do best on occasion – we should have access to it daily. If you’re in the market for a home upgrade, consider focusing on the bathroom, and turn the essential into something special.