5 Ways Your Whole Family Can Eat Healthier in 2018

Looking to help your whole family get healthier in the new year? It helps to understand the different nutritional needs each member of the household will have so you can make healthy choices for each one. Here are a few of the top health tips for 2018 for your whole family.

  1. Increase the Amount of Fresh Vegetables in Your Diet

Processed vegetables don’t have all the same nutrients and minerals you get from fresh foods, so even if you have a high-plant-content diet, it’s easy to miss out on essential building blocks for good health. Using a baby cooker that steams vegetables means preserving those minerals while you cook, too!

  1. Understand How Protein Needs Change With Activity and Age

Kids and active athletes need a lot more protein than adults with a more sedentary lifestyle because they are typically up and using that energy, growing new tissue and strengthening the bones and muscles they have. Make sure you have protein from various sources and that you understand how much each member of the house needs, separately.

  1. Increase the Variety of Foods You Eat for Better Nutrition

It’s not just about eating more plants or having more varied protein sources. You also need to make sure you are not over-eating on any one kind of food, so you get a variety of nutrients while avoiding overloading your body with anything that any one food carries in large amounts.

  1. Measure Portions for Each Family Member

Remembering that everyone will have different caloric needs, measuring portions for each family member will help reduce over-eating by making your whole family more conscious about what one portion entails.

  1. Make Your Own Fruit Treats Instead of Going for Dessert

Last but not least, making something delicious and fruity lets your family enjoy a sweet treat while still getting the nutrients that will keep them healthy.

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