6 Cheap and Cheerful Tips for Mammas

We all try to be as frugal as we can in what is quite an expensive world and when the kids come along, this can affect our money saving plans. As parents, we want to give our kids all that we can in life and cost-cutting can be heartbreaking when you are trying to make your kids happy. Despite this, there are many ways in which us moms can save some money and still give our kids the happy and informative life that we want them to have. If your are looking for ways in which you can save some cash when it comes to the kids then here are some of my tips on doing so.

Carpool the School Run

It is very probable that there will be other parents at your child’s school who make almost the same journey as you do every day. You can turn this into a cost and time saving exercise by setting up a car pooling system with them. Divide up who will do the school run on different days and instantly save money on gas.

Pass Down The Line

Kids will always want the newest and coolest gadget or pair of trainers but if you have more than one child then there is nothing wrong with passing the clothes and trainers down to younger children when the older child doesn’t need them anymore. You should still aim to get some new clothing for your younger children so that they don’t feel less special but you bulking up their wardrobe with hand-me-downs is a great way of saving some cash.

Do it Yourself

Fancy dress costumes and birthday presents for other kids are far cheaper if you do it yourself. There is so much help and support online that even if you are not a crafty person, you can find ways to make great bits and pieces using your own bare hands and some cheap supplies.

Buy Bulk

There are many things that are part of the weekly shop which you are just always going to need. Instead of picking these items up each week, head down to a store like Costco or Makro where you can buy these things in bulk. It will cost you more money at first but it will mean that you will make big savings in the long run.

Menu Planning

Planing your menu for the week can really help you to save money on your shopping as you will be able to eliminate spontaneous purchases, and just focus on what you need. When the kids are in bed on a Friday night, grab a glass of wine and put the meal plans together for the next week, pick up the groceries on Saturday and you will be more than ready on Monday morning.

Get Couponing

There are so many coupons in magazines and on the internet that can give you great savings on a huge range of products, services and events. Check sites like Groupon each day who offer free vouchers for massive savings.