6 Ways Moms Can Save While Visiting NYC

Now that you’re a mom, you still want to see New York (perhaps again) just like you did before you were introduced to the joys of motherhood. But with kids, you likely have to find ways to do it on a budget more than you had to before.

Prices for most things in NYC are higher than in most other parts of the country – especially for tourists. And some of the price tags can be eye-poppingly high and might discourage you from venturing out to The Big Apple. But it need not be so. There are ways that moms with kids can visit New York affordably.

Here are six of the top ways you can save money on a trip to New York City so as to make it truly affordable to those on a tight budget:

1. Take the Bus Tour

Double decker bus tours from TopView New York are extremely affordable and can be conveniently booked online (which gets you a discount).

Bus tours take you quickly to a large number of top sites, let you work out your own itinerary if you get a 1 or 2 day pass, and keep you from getting lost. They are also safer since you’re always with a group, and you don’t have to fight the city traffic.

2. Visit a Lot of Museums

Pick out your favorite New York City museums and visit them all. Most of them charge only around $10 admission per person.

Museums to consider include: Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum, Lower East Side Tenement (immigrant) Museum, the Jewish Museum, and many, many more.

3. Take to the Water

The Staten Island Ferry is free to ride and can take you on a Liberty Tour to see the Statue of Liberty and nearby Ellis Island with its immigration museum. And you can also get free or very cheap fares for other ferries like Ikea Ferry that goes from Wall Street to the famed Red Hook Swedish Furniture Store or East River Ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Ferry rides let you scan the city skyline from a unique vantage point, give you scenic views of the harbor, and of Brooklyn Bridge. And water travel is much cheaper than taxis.

4. Look for Package Deals

You can often bundle to save when you travel to New York. Look for hotel plus flight deals that may also throw in coupons/discounts at specific restaurants and shopping centers. You can often get transport to/from the airport in the package as well.

And bus tours often throw in extras as part of package deals. So check out what deals they offer online so you can plan to save as much as possible.

5. Get “Status” Discounts

Members of the American Auto Association often get 10% discounts in NYC on hotels and car rentals and sometimes on harbor cruises as well. Seniors/AARP members who can prove their status with ID will also get substantial savings, as will students with student ID cards.

Military members and government employees can get up to 40% off on many venues. It can drastically cut down the cost of your trip if any of those traveling with you qualify for some of these discounts.

6. Out of Season Is In Season

Make the off-season your on-season when traveling to New York, and you’ll see prices drop very noticeably. Sometimes you can save hundreds of dollars just because of the timing of your trip.

Choose January to the middle of April or from June to mid-August for the biggest savings. Avoid New Year and Christmas. Thanksgiving is also slow, so it’s a great time to save as well.