7 Beautiful Fireplace Options to Suit Your Specific Style

As the art of home decor continues to evolve, fireplace installations are becoming more customizable to the customer. As opposed to the standard brick display, clients are able to choose fireplace options that complement the aesthetic of the room. Not to mention, they keep you warm during cold nights! Although traditional fireplaces provide a cozy feel to any room,
they are often bulky and plain. However, modern designers are able to create unique fireplace installations that are both trendy and easy to use!

Fireplaces are more than just a decorative asset. They are valuable units that help to cut energy and heating costs within the home. Many people enjoy running these during harsh, winter months. In addition, they are able to to “set the mood” when entertaining guests or family members.

In recent years, many families have turned to electric fires instead of traditional gas or log fires. When installing electric fireplaces into your home, you are dramatically decreasing your risk of an in-home fire. This eliminates an unnecessary health hazard while keeping our environment free of emissions. Since they are electrically controlled, the systems are easy to work. With remote controlled options, users are able to carefully dictate the time and duration of their heat. This is cost effective and safer, as you don’t have to worry about someone forgetting to put the fire out.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

There is a certain design associated with the classic Audrey Hepburn aesthetic. From her clean and crisp lines to the sheer sexiness, her Breakfast at Tiffany’s allure is mesmerizing. When it comes to decor, mimicking that classic look is made easy with the Luminar Range by  Illusion Fires. It’s sleek design is guaranteed to brighten up any room. What’s awesome about this range is that its colors can be customized to meet your needs. The rectangular style created a modern edge to a classic staple.

Illusion Fires give off the impression of a flame without the associated danger. They also emit heat that is comparable to a traditional fireplace. Many people find it difficult matching average fireplaces to their specific style, but when purchasing an illusion fire, the options are easy to digest and beautiful. The Breakfast at Tiffany’s-style fireplaces are are sleek, modern and unique gas fireplaces that will be the highlight of your room without the danger of a real fire

Outdoor Chic

If your home had a rustic or farmhouse feel, a more realistic range is perfect for your room. With realistic looking logs and stones, this type of installation will bring the outdoors inside! It’s almost like camping without the threat of bugs or bears. These are available in both traditional fireplaces, or electric or illusion fires The colors on this type of unit are customizable to your personal liking. It’s known for its prestige and rustic appeal that suits outdoor lovers everywhere!

Modern Minimalism

Minamilistic and simple tones have been made popular over the last few years. From clean and simple lines to plain fixtures, the Matrix Range completes any minimal aesthetic seamlessly. The fireplace is stationed upon a fixed backdrop that is also customizable. It almost resembles a stone or sturdy drop that is almost invisible. The installation process is relatively easy and can look “one” with the wall. This unit is awesome for daily or occasional use as it’s highly versatile. Stay up to date and modern with this unique design! It’ll appeal to the millennial in all of us!


Fireplaces add a touch of luxury to any home or space. If you’re looking for a glamorous, chic addition to your home, the millennium Range is a fantastic option. With panoramic, glass enclosed windows, your guests will feel elegant while enjoying a beautiful fire. This installation is customizable as well. What makes this unit awesome is the fact that it’s available in a stand-alone option, so it doesn’t have to be built into a wall. Imagine hosting an outdoor cocktail party with this chic addition brewing in the background. This option can also be used to break up large rooms — for example, it can create a visual barrier between two sitting areas. It is sure to set the tone of your overall aesthetic.


Every man-cave could benefit from the Mystique Range. It is slim in appearance, so the unit provides a subtle addition to any room. With a slate black finish, it is available to stand alone or be placed in a wall with chimney access. It’s both modern and classic with opportunities to be customized to meet your needs. Although quite masculine in appearance, this range is traditional enough to be placed in various rooms and still stand out as beautiful. Because of its more subtle appearance, this option is great for those who would like a fireplace without it necessarily being the focal point of the room.

Heavy Duty

For every family deck or gathering, a heavy duty fireplace that means business is essential. The  Espirit Range offers just that. It’s a massive, yet chic unit that means business. If your style is more family oriented, this is the perfect installation for you. It’s sleek design is customizable for your personal needs and is sure to last a lifetime.


Anyone who loves unique additions to their home will appreciate the customizable options for each unit. In addition, clients have the option to customize their flame colors as well. For the brave at heart, installed or stand alone unite come in a variety of colors and shapes. Because of this, many people enjoy the expressive process behind this intricate addition.

Fireplaces are a great option to complement any home or outdoor area. The beauty of these units rests in their ability to be customized to your personal style. In addition, many are sleek enough on their own to fit right into your current decor. A fireplace also has the ability to provide warmth, even if it’s not a traditional fire. A fireplace addition to your home is guaranteed to boost the home’s appeal, and most importantly, provide you with enjoyment and comfort.