8 Reasons Why Photo Books Are Better Than Photo Albums

Photo albums are present in almost every household, regardless of people’s ethnicities and geographical locations. We, as humans, love to reminisce on the past through photographs. However, photo albums are prone to damage over time, which can lead to the loss of your precious memories. A better alternative is a photo book instead. The best best photo books can protect your pictures and are easy take care of as well. Customized photo books also make for good personalized gifts for family and friends during the holiday season. Here are 8 more reasons why photobooks are better than photo albums:

1. Photo Books Provide A Uniform Look To Your Bookshelf

If you want a uniform look on your bookshelf, you will have to buy identical albums for your pictures. On the other hand, you can customize a photobook according to your preference. You can choose a specific look and binding for every new photobook.

2. Photo Albums Are Bulky

Photo albums are prone to quickly getting bulky because of the photographs you put in them. This keeps them from laying down flat on your table. In addition, a bulging photo album also gives a messy look to your book shelve. Photo albums, however, are able to lay flat and stand straight since the pictures are printed on the pages.

3. Photobooks Provide A Sleeker Look To Your Pictures

Photo albums encase your pictures in plastic, which can tear due to mishandling or may create air bubbles by sticking to the glossy surface of your photographs. In photobooks, your images are printed onto thick, matte pages, thus adding to their durability.

4. Photobooks Save You Time And Effort

Planning a photo album is not only time-consuming but is also hectic. You need to first purchase a photo album, resize your images to fit into the plastic compartments and then get them printed before fitting each picture into the album yourself. In case of photobooks, you need to only select the pictures you want in it and choose your preferred layout. The photobook makers will resize your images and fit them into the layout.

5. Photo Albums Can Result In Lost Photos

Photos can easily fall out of your photo albums making them non-feasible during a move. Photographs printed on photo books, however, could never fall out. In case you end up losing your entire photobook, the developers also provide you with a digital copy, so you do not lose your pictures permanently.

6. Photo Books Can Be Placed As Coffee Table Books

Photo books are better suited for placement on coffee tables since they are durable and do not get damaged by frequent handling. On the contrary, photo albums are often bulky and frequent handling may cause damage to the album spine. In addition, a thin plastic covers photographs that may tear, exposing your images to dust and fingerprint smudges.