8 Things Most Mammas Waste Their Money On

Even though we all try our best to budget where and when we can, especially since having kids, there are still a great deal of things which we carelessly waste money on. If we do an honest appraisal of where our money goes then we may be quite surprised to see the way in which we spend much of it. When it comes to the kids, there is also a lot of times that we waste money and if we can learn to keep our spends in check, we can have a lot more money at our disposal. Lets’ take a look at just how us mammas like to blow our cash.

Drinks and Snacks

When you’re heading out with the kids you can avoid paying the crazy prices for drinks and snacks when you are out and about if you just get yourself prepared. If you know that you are going on a day out to the park, the zoo or anywhere else, load up some sandwiches and drinks before you go.

Child Proofing

Anything related to protecting our children and mums are happy to fork out whatever money we need to. Unfortunately, companies are aware of this and take advantage of us sometimes, especially when it comes to child proofing. There are loads of DIY ways in which you can make your house baby and toddler friendly without paying the earth, take a look at some tips and tricks online and go save that cash.


If you have more than one child then don’t be frightened to pass the clothing down the line from your older children to the younger ones, it will save you cash and ensure that the clothes go a little further.

New Tech

We all want to give kids what they want but the ever changing face of technology makes it tough. Be disciplined when it comes to buying your child new tech and don’t be a victim of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ syndrome.


Chances are that you have lots of family and friends who will step up and look after your kids should you need them to and asking around can save you plenty of money on babysitters.

New Hobbies

We all want to encourage our kids to try out new activities but as the years go on your closet will turn into a hobby graveyard with violins, trumpets and science kits. Try to ensure that your child takes up a hobby that they really want and help them so that they stick with it.

Birthday Presents

Birthday parties come around with worrying velocity when the kids are young and that means a lot of presents to buy. Avoid the expenditure by making your own or cooking your own presents, it has a personal touch and it costs far less money.

Fancy Dress Costumes

When the kids need to dress up at school, resist the urge to go to the nearest fancy dress or Disney store and get the latest costume. Instead you can get creative and design your child’s own fancy dress costume, money saved and a child who looks original.