Are you Stuck in a Financial Rut? Cash in Your Clutter Today


Many people get into horrible financial debt not because they intend to, but because they were simply ignorant of the financial predicament their poor financial management was leading them to.

Fortunately, financial debt doesn’t have to be a lifelong burden. With the proper debt management strategy, a person can recover from a financial rut and move on to enjoy less unpleasant experiences.

One of the most effective, debt management strategies involves expanding one’s source of income. That is, instead of being dependent on a single source of income, an indebted individual can find other ways to make money to settle debts. And one of the easiest, fastest, and reliable ways to make quick legal money is by cashing in on your clutter.

To cash in your clutter, you simply need gather together old stuff you are no longer using and put them up for sale. You’d be surprised the sort of things you can get good money for as long as you present them to the right buyer. Exhausted printer ink cartridges can sell for as high as £4.50 per unit.

But how do you find said right buyers? You can accomplish that by selling your clutter through the following avenues;

1. Selling online.

With the current state of the internet, just about anything can be sold online. Simply visit a search engine, perhaps Google, and type in the item you have for sale and accompany it with the word buyer and your location. Another option would be to use sites that specialise in such trades, such as eBay, Ziffit, and Gumtree. Even Facebook can be used to cash in on your clutter.

2. Have a yard sale or a car boot sale.

Load up your junk on your front lawn with price tags attached to them and watch neighbours and passers-by flock in to relieve you of your possessions in exchange for cash. Or you could put your stuff in your car and drive to a market location where more customers can easily find you.

3. Auction

You can also have your clutter sold at an auction.But you will be better off having the items valued before offering them. Rare or valuable items such as antiques, vintage items,or jewellery will fetch a fair price and are easier sold for a good bargain at auctions.

Some people in debt refuse to sell certain items because those items have “sentimental value”. But it’s unfortunate that sentimental value can’t buy peace of mind when creditors are hounding you. Simply put, if the item isn’t contributing to your immediate wellbeing and you need cash pronto, SELL IT!

If you’re staring debt in the face, ignoring the problem isn’t going to make it go away. You need to face the fact that you’re have a problem and work to solve it. Debt is something that gets worse, the less attention you pay to it so make steps to do what you can to make yourself debt free.