Be Consumer Savvy – Bulk Buy!


My Grandmother used to say “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”. This is an old adage that never rings truer in today’s day and age when everything is so expensive and materialism has never been so rampant and destructive.

The desire for wealth and material items is often driven simply by your own inner discontent. Most people are convinced they can buy their way to happiness, that being rich is the answer to permanent fulfilment and well-being. People tend to assess ‘success’ in terms of the quality and price of the material goods they can buy, or in the amount of money they earn.

If millionaires and billionaires were a great deal happier than the rest of those who weren’t so wealthy, then perhaps it could be believed that money can really buy happiness. Reality is, this is not the case. Money doesn’t buy happiness, simple.

Wealth And Our Health

Another thing that money can’t buy is good health. That said, good health to a certain extent is dependent on money, especially in countries like the U.S. where health insurance and treatments take a huge chunk of change from salaries. Truth is, health is a precious commodity that needs to be invested in.

You need to be clever with the money you earn, especially when it comes to your health. The ‘buying in bulk’ concept is something that can be utilized when it comes to food and nutritional health supplements that you put into your body. Buy fresh food and go for good deals that are on offer in the supermarket. Always buy fresh over frozen and try to buy when certain fruits and veggies are in season, for optimal nutritional benefit. When it comes to nutritional health supplements, check out Analyze That to see a huge range of health supplements that offer some good deals for multiple purchases.

Does Bulk Buying Really Save You Money?

The idea of saving money by buying in greater quantities isn’t something new. But does it really save you money in the long run? Or, is it just some ploy to get you to part with more of your hard earned dollars through clever sales marketing?

If what you are bulk buying, is something that you use regularly, then in short, yes it does. A small experiment for CBN found that for some foodstuff/household items (simple things like hand sanitizer, aspirin and orange juice), consumers could save hundreds of dollars a year.

Alternatively, if you bought three t-shirts for $15 (as oppose to $6 each), with an apparent saving of $3 but you only needed one, then in short, you have spent $9 that you didn’t need to spend. This is not clever money monitoring.

Bulk Buying Considerations

Of course, if you are buying multiple items you would need to consider several important aspects such as:

  • Do you have enough storage space to keep the items
  • Do the items you bought, have a perishable date?
  • Can you afford the initial high cost for purchasing the bulk deal?

You need to be consumer savvy in today’s market in which clever marketing slogans places a great deal of pressure on you to have the things that you think will make us happy. Happiness is something that cannot be bought.

Your health, however, is something that you need to invest. Be health smart and make sure to look after you and your family in the most effective way you can by buying healthy, nutritious food as well as quality health supplements, if this is your thing.

Ultimately, this is more cost effective in the long run. Preventing illnesses using natural versus prescription medication can save us time, money and avoid the nasty side effects that medication brings.

Invest wisely in your health and well-being.