Bouncing Back and Saving Money Tips after Personal Bankruptcy

It may be hard to believe this now, but there is life after filing for personal bankruptcy. It is possible to bounce back from the impossible. There will, of course, be certain hurdles you have to face. It will be quite difficult to obtain credit after filing for personal bankruptcy. Even if you do end up with credit, you will still have to pay higher than average interest rates. The months soon following bankruptcy can be emotionally wrenching. There are certain segments of the financial industry that will try to take advantage of your situation. So, it’s in your best interest to start saving money and bounce back from your predicament. Here are several tips on how you can restore your finances following bankruptcy:

Make a Household Budget

One of the prime reasons for personal bankruptcy is bad financial habits. Not having a budget can easily lead to excessive debt. So, make up your mind to not make the same mistakes as you did before. Start your journey to financial recovery by making a household budget. Note down all income and expenses to manage your spending habits better. Noting down all expenditures will help you spot places where you may be overspending or wasting money. With a budget chart, you can put that money away in a savings account.

Schedule Bill Payment

This time around, train yourself to pay your bills on time. Learn to pay bills at the start of each month, or soon after receiving your paycheck. Bills are fixed payments that you must make regardless of how much money you make. Take care of these essential fixed payments before you spend money on yourself, such as for buying groceries. You can allocate an amount for buying groceries, but you cannot with the electricity bill. Not paying bills on time eventually leads to red notices caused by forgetfulness. Then you have to pay fines, extra fees and eventually you end up close to bankruptcy. You can avoid this scenario by paying bills on time.

Get a Credit Card

When you file for personal bankruptcy, your credit score takes a major hit. The only way to recover is to get another credit card. It’s ironic in a way because having a credit card is the best way to rebuild credit, and also the worst way to go about post-bankruptcy life. Buy a credit card with the lowest interest rate in the market. More importantly, learn to use the credit card responsibly, and only for essential expenses.  Keep reminding yourself that you just want to build credit, and not go on shopping sprees. Do not own more than one credit card at a time, or you would once again find yourself calling those personal bankruptcy attorneys in Scottsdale.

The hardest task you will undertake following bankruptcy will be reestablishing credit. Don’t hurry to improve your credit score. Importantly, do not fall for scams that promise to restore your formerly good credit score. Your priority should be to avoid another personal bankruptcy. Take things slow. Be confident and determined and you will eventually bounce back from one of the worst financial situations that can happen to anyone.