Breast Cancer Is not all Bad News


It is hard to believe that there is any good news possibly associated with breast cancer. However, with thousands of lumpectomy specialists across the country, as well as many other advances in medical science, breast cancer is no longer the death sentence it used to be. Let’s take a look at the positive developments in this horrible disease.

Early Detection

Firstly, thanks to new techniques and state of the art equipment, it is now much easier for breast cancer to be detected, even in its early stages. This means the cancerous cells are still small, often not having spread or metastasized yet. The lymph nodes or any other part of the body are often not affected yet.

More Emphasis

There is also a stronger emphasis on breast cancer, and more women now know how to get their checks and how to perform self-examinations. As a result, women are more breast-aware and this is helping in the fight against cancer. Not just that, the available treatment options are a lot more effective and this has resulted in greatly improve survival rates.

Better Drugs

Thanks to scientific research, new drugs have been made available. In fact, women who are at increased risk of developing the cancer can now take preventative medication. This has also help lower the rates of cancer development.

Treatment Changes

The treatment a woman receives once she has been diagnosed has also changed tremendously. A complete mastectomy is now only used in the more extreme cases. Rather, preservation is now at the heart of treatment, with many women being offered a lumpectomy instead, followed by some radiotherapy. Furthermore, there have been fantastic developments in the field of radiotherapy, meaning that it is far less destructive to the body as a whole.


Chemotherapy remains a popular cancer treatment, and it has greatly improved over the years. It is now a lot more effective and, while still uncomfortable, people tend to get a lot less sick as a result. Further, chemotherapy is now offered on an individualized basis, at a dosage that is right for the patient, rather than being a blanket treatment that is the same for everybody. This is a huge change and one that has benefited thousands of women.

The Future of Breast Cancer

The goal the world over is to stop breast cancer once and for all, and increased advances are bringing this point closer and closer. In fact, it is believed that, soon, cancerous cells of just 1mm to 2mm will be detected, which currently stands at 5mm to 10mm, meaning treatment can be offered even sooner. Additionally, genetic tests are now available to determine whether or not a woman is likely to develop breast cancer, and she then has a wealth of options available to her.

There is a long way to go, and breast cancer continues to be a deadly condition. However, everybody agrees that one life taken is a life too many. This commitment has resulted in more research and more advances, saving more lives.