Canada – Summer And Winter Wonderland

Canada is one of the most beautiful, welcoming and safe countries in the world with numerous things to do, experiences to have and different things to try. While many people would prefer to come to Canada in the summer due to the horrendously cold weather that can plague much of the country in the winter time, the snowscapes and chill can bring with it its own unique experiences in this vast country. If you’re looking to spend your family holiday in Canada this year, here are some great things to do for all ages in both the summer and winter seasons.

Canada In The Summer

Summer time in Canada is a beautiful time of year with many different things happening from coast to coast. This is the ideal time to come if you love getting out into nature and don’t want to worry about bundling up or sudden changes in weather, including getting snowed in. With festivals of all kinds happening in many different cities, as well as great opportunities for camping throughout western Canada especially, it’s easy to see why this is a great idea for those with kids. Rent a campervan in the likes of Vancouver and spend a couple of weeks travelling around the mountains and western prairies for a great back to nature vacation the whole family will enjoy.

Spot not to miss: If you like the coast, try camping on Vancouver Island for some sun and sand with beautiful bays, whale watching tours and spectacular sunsets. We suggest Tofino if you really love the beach. For cities, check out Victoria, Courtenay or Sidney.

Canada In The Winter

Canada in the winter is all change and with it comes a whole host of cool new activities for you and the family to try out. If you want a fairly milder region for exploring, the Lower Mainland of British Columbia is ideal as temperatures rarely fall below about -5C. If you’re braver and don’t mind the cold, you can check out parts of Alberta but do be prepared to wrap up and bring lots of layers, as with other parts of Canada. Snowshoeing is a popular winter activity that the whole family can take part in and is easily found.

Ice hikes are also popular and take you down onto frozen rivers to see waterfalls and the like, frozen rock solid – often places you can’t go other times of year. Tobogganing, also known as sledding is also a hugely popular activity especially for the kids, but adults enjoy it as well. Finally, skiing is probably the most popular activity with people coming from around the world to hit the slopes at the likes of Jasper, Banff and Whistler.

If you like ice skating one of the most iconic spots to skate is arguably Quebec City on the frozen Rideau Canal, below the famous Chateau Frontenac hotel, a truly unique and beautiful experience. While in Quebec, give tire sur la neige a try – warm freshly tapped maple syrup poured onto snow until sticky then rolled around a popsicle stick, making for a delicious, truly Canadian treat.

So there you have two key times of year that Canada really shines with numerous things to do and take part in, whatever your preferences. Whether it’s summer or winter, Canadians always love getting out and experiencing the outdoors with friends and family, so come get to know Canada up close and personal – and making some truly unforgettable memories while doing it!