DIY Garden Ideas On the Cheap

When it comes to get work done around the home, the last place that we usually consider is the garden. We don’t spend a great deal of time there, we don’t invite our guests out there and unless the sun is shining, the garden should just kind¬†of sit there and look pretty. The last statement is something that many of us struggle with and as a result of our efforts in the rest of the home, there is usually not much money left in the pot to spend any on our garden, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it.

There are some ways and means that you can have a cool, quirky and beautiful garden without spending a fortune and here are some tips on how you can do so.

Pallet Love

Pallets can be picked up for super cheap, sometimes free, from old factories and warehouses and they can really add some style to your garden. You can create any number of things from pallets from decking to garden furniture and there are lots of guides online for exactly how to do so.

Hanging Herb Rack

Bedding plants and floral arrangements can cost time and money and a far better way to add some greenery to your garden is with a hanging herb rack. Simply buy a hanging shoe rack and put it up on the garden wall or fence. Add some compost to each of the compartments and sow your seeds. Very soon you will have a delightful hanging garden which requires little to no maintenance and can provide you with some tasty fresh herbs.

Go Old School

Old pieces of metal look fantastic in a garden as they really juxtapose with the fresh grasses and colors that most gardens have. You can pick up old bits and pieces from the scrap yard or even buy some cheap products from the thrift shop. You should be looking in particular for things like old bike wheels, old bikes, pots and pans and old antique pieces, they look great in the garden, cost very little and add a real sense of style to the place.

Mirror Mirror

Adding some mirrored pieces to your garden can not only help small spaces appear more expansive but they also give a very stylish and modern effect to your garden. Even broken mirrors look great and as they will be spending all their time outdoors, you really don’t need to spend very much money on them at all.

Sticks and Stones

If you are not the green fingered type then you should look to convert a large part of your garden to stones. Picking up stones won’t be dirt cheap – pun intended – but they will be able to save you money and time in the future when it comes to caring for and making any changes to your garden. We’d all love to the be the green-fingered, spend all day in the garden types, but let’s be honest with ourselves, that isn’t who we are and because of that, you need to fill your garden up with stones.