Dog-friendly Tricks for a Green Life

We do love our dogs, our home, and our planet.  How can we care for all of them? has a few dog-friendly green tips for your home and garden.

Reduce & Reuse

Try alternate methods to picking up your dog’s waste and avoid using plastic poop bags. Bring sheets of newspaper or small paper bags to collect waste along your walk.  Avoid buying toys for your dog that cannot be recycled–you know how quickly your dog destroys new toys during playtime.  Choose toys with naturally compostable materials, or make your own!  Materials such as burlap, canvas, hemp, and rope are sturdy for DIY dog toys, and they’re eco-friendly.

Compost Waste

Your dog’s waste is not automatic fertilizer, and it can contaminate local water sources if left on the ground.  Did you know that you can compost it?!  No need to toss your dog’s waste in the trash before you mow.  Shovel it into your compost along with your grass clippings, vegetables, eggshells, and coffee grounds.  Turn your dog’s daily habit into a natural gardening benefit.

Clean Green

Perhaps you’ve already discovered the magic of baking soda.  Not only is it an all-natural cleaner, it absorbs pet odors.  Leave an open box where pet smells are overwhelming.  Freshen up your carpet, kitchen, or bathroom with this all-purpose cleaning product.  Baking soda is pet-friendly and mildly abrasive.  Scrub down the dog dish, water bowl, and tile floor with a little baking soda and warm water.  Vinegar is another all-natural cleaning product to keep handy.  If your puppy is still having accidents, clean up stains with a mix of vinegar and salt.

Garden Protection

If your current garden battle includes your dog digging holes, the best antidote is playtime before gardening.  When dogs are bored or restless, digging holes and even nibbling on plants is one way they release energy.  To really enjoy gardening time without chasing your dog around, take your pup for a long walk or plan for rigorous playtime before you settle down with your flower bed.  If you have a small dog who loves invading your plants, create raised beds or a little fencing to keep your pup out.  Avoid toxic sprays on your plants if you dog spends time outside with you.  Try adding sharp or bitter smells around your garden to deter curious dogs including coffee grounds or spicy plants.

Caring for your pets and your environment doesn’t need to be stressful.  These are just a few simple tricks to give you peace of mind!