Family Safety Simplified: Sensible Rules for Kids and Parents at Home and on the Go

When your children are very young, you want to protect them from every little bump and scratch, and understandably so because they are so vulnerable and there are so many ways they could get hurt. Family safety can feel overwhelming since there are so many dangers out there, so here are some simple tips whether you are at home, in the yard or on the go.

Safety At Home

Here are some ways you can keep your children safe at home.

  • Prevent falls: install safety gates across stairs, balconies, and entrances, lock windows and use safety lights at night.
  • Prevent burns: Keep your child away from hot surfaces. Make sure all hot drinks are out of reach. Always test the bath water before bathing your child.
  • Prevent house fires: Install smoke alarms on each level of your home, test them each month and replace the batteries every year. Smoke alarms should be replaced every ten years.
  • Prevent poisoning: Remove toxic chemicals from your home. Lock medicines in a cabinet out of reach. Put a child safety latch on cupboards holding cleaning products.
  • Avoid strangulation and suffocation: Keep cots free of soft toys, clothing, and cushions. Keep blind and curtain cords attached to the wall out of reach. Keep plastic bags away from children.

Safety When You’re in your Yard

  • Prevent accidents: Make sure firewood is stacked safely, all fencing is secure and brick walls are sturdy.
  • Comb the ground: Check for sharp objects in your lawns or around play areas.
  • Make boundaries: Fence off any dangerous areas such as thorny brush, places where the ground drops off suddenly, pools, hot tubs, and spas.
  • Make it child-friendly: Build a play area with swings and climbing frame. Be sure to install a child safe ground cover such as wood chips, bark or sand.
  • Double check: Before you purchase new outdoor furniture take a good look at it to see if it has any sharp edges or dangerous parts.
  • Supervise: When kids play together it’s best to keep a watchful eye so that no one gets hit by a swing, or run over by a toddler car.

Safety When You’re on the Go

If you’re taking a trip in your Dodge Durango, here are some safety tips to consider.

  • Seat kids safely: Always use a child seat or a booster seat, make sure it is the appropriate size for the age and weight of your child, and make sure the seat is appropriate for your vehicle.
  • Keep your child in view: Wherever your child is sitting in the car, you should always have him or her in full view.
  • Always supervise: Make sure you’re careful when closing windows and doors so children’s hands don’t get trapped. Children should never be left alone in your vehicle.

Whether you’re at home or in your car, your children’s safety is a top priority. So bear these safety tips in mind and make sure your kids are always protected wherever you are.