Finding a career in Dallas

Whether you are only just beginning to decide what career path you wish to follow, or you are looking to change jobs, it is always useful to have an idea of what careers are available in your area. Choosing a career that is accessible in your town means less time spent commuting, and also prevents the need for relocation.  Here is a selection of the top career choices in Dallas Texas alongside advice on how best to secure the role.

911 Call-Taker

With over 6000 Public Safety Answering points located nationwide, a 911 call handler is an important job that connects members of the public with the relevant emergency service. This would be a secure role for someone with the appropriate skills and training. Qualification requirements can differ from state to state but the minimum requirements usually include candidates being over 18 years old, holding a high-school diploma or GED and and being trained in CPR. Candidates should also be able to remain calm in stressful situations as you will often need to assist callers who are in distress. 

Respiratory Therapist

A career helping diagnosis and treat respiratory problems in patients can be very satisfying in addition to providing a very good salary. You will require a high level of education with qualifications in science, and will then need to enrol on an accredited respiratory therapist program. You can find information about how to find  respected respiratory therapist courses in Dallas via


All businesses and many individuals rely on accountants, which is why you are likely to find that a career in accounting is a sensible option for jobseekers in Dallas. To become a certified public accountant, you will need to sit the CPA exam, which in many states, requires a Batchelors degree in Accounting or Business. Your degree should include 30 credit hours in a business-related course, and 24 college credits in accounting, auditing, and taxation Once you have secured a degree, you can go on to apply to sit the CPA exam, which will stand you in good stead when applying for jobs at accountancy firms. The entire process requires many years of study and work experience, but the salary at the end makes all the hard work worth it.


Besides a Batchelors or Masters degree in architecture, all architects are required to be certified, no matter what state you work in. Architects are not only responsible for the design of buildings, but must also oversee and organise all documentation required for the success of a project. Safety is a paramount, which is why rules and regulations surrounding the role are so precise. In addition to an Architecture qualification, you will need extensive experience acquired via an internship during which you will accumulate 5,600 training unit hours in several different areas, including, programming, project management, and site analysis. Being an architect can be seen as a vocation and you need to be an extremely dedicated individual to be a success in this field.