Healthy Eating Begins (and Ends!) at Home

Wherever you turn, it seems as though the news about what we eat goes from bad to worse. If it’s not fast food that’s under attack, it’s the lack of vitamins in our food or the GMOs used in commercial farming; and then there is the worry about BPA in canned foods. No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to feed your children a healthy diet. Or, is it?

There is one thing of which you can be sure. Healthy eating begins at home and that’s where you should put your money. Why wager on whether the foods you eat at those drive-thru restaurants are nutritious when you know you can feed your family a diet that meets the minimum daily requirements and so much more?

Tackling the Smoked Meat Controversy

One prime example of a growing concern is that smoked and charbroiled meats are said to be carcinogenic. Does eating smoked meat cause cancer? If you are looking for a simple yes or no, you will be sorely disappointed. The answer is a bit more involved than that. Yes, smoked meats can contain carcinogens, but there hasn’t been a study yet that details how much smoked or charbroiled meat you must eat before those carcinogens become a problem.

All Things in Moderation

Compare this to the known fact that overexposure to UV radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer, but the human body needs about 10 minutes of sunlight a day in order to get the vitamin D needed for optimal health. Sunlight, in moderation, is healthy. Overexposure can be lethal. Many experts say that it is the same for smoked foods. In moderation, they are probably safe. As a daily diet? Not so much.

Why Eating at Home Is Healthier

The problem with eating out is that you have no control over what is being served. You can’t be sure how sanitary the kitchen is, and you certainly can’t be sure that MSG isn’t used in recipes. What about allergens? Some people have foodborne allergies that can send them into anaphylactic shock even when exposed to an amount the size of a grain of salt. Eating at home is healthier because you have control over what is served and how much is consumed. Obesity is a growing concern, so mom, it’s up to you to ensure your kids eat healthy foods in recommended portions. An occasional ‘cheat’ won’t hurt anyone, but daily cheats aren’t good at all.

The key takeaway here is that healthy eating begins at home and should always end at home as well. It’s fine to dine out at your favorite restaurant now and again for a bit of family fun. However, don’t make it a habit of supersized value meals at the drive-thru because it’s easier than cooking. If you are truly concerned about what goes into your children’s bodies, prepare it yourself at least five days a week. And remember the rule of all things in moderation. Abide by this rule and you can be sure you are doing the right thing.