How to Appeal a Suspended Driver’s License

Once your driver’s license has been suspended due to some traffic violation or failure to pay fines and fees, you have to make those deferred payments, and pay them fully before your license can be reinstated and you allowed driving again.

Hiring a lawyer is always the best way you can deal with a suspended driver’s license. You can search with traffic ticket lawyer near me to get quick consultation or representation on behalf of you. A driver’s license lawyer can get things done in the best way possible for you.

If you want to do it yourself, it is an important thing to know when presented with a notice of suspension is that, you have 30 days to pay up and clear the fine, or contest. If you are presented with a statement of offence and you do not take any action, your case will be sent to the court, for the final decision to be made. Once the court takes up your case, they will send you a notice if you are found guilty, and you will be issued a payment deadline.

There are always ways of course, where a person can plead their case in the court. Once an agreement is accepted, you can go into a compromise in terms of payment with the concerned bodies.

First of all, you will need to determine whether an appeal is available for your case. Cases for driver’s license suspensions due to DUIs come with a right to appeal, and you would need to request an appeal within the given deadline. Each state should have their prescribed deadlines for requesting an appeal.  In the state of Georgia, there is a required submission of appeal 10 days prior to the date of suspension.

How to Know if you are Eligible for an Appeal

To find out if you are eligible of an appeal, you can research on your DMV’s website concerning information about appealing a suspension; contact your local DMV for details on what the appeals process is like; check the suspension notice letter you received for information about appeals and, contact with an attorney for professional consultation. If you find out that you are not eligible for an appeal, you may need to live with that suspension until you can reinstate your driver’s license.

Steps to Take to Appeal a Suspended Driver’s License

If you have determined an appeal is right for you, you will need to file one with the appropriate agency instead of with a court. If you are unsatisfied with the results of your hearing here, then you can go ahead and appeal in a court. You might need to hire the services of an attorney, especially for the more complicated cases.

Once you have submitted a request for an appeal, a date will be given for your hearing, and you will be contacted with these details. At an administrative hearing, you can present evidence and explain your stand point. This is an informal trial, and you can do your best with arguments that should sway the judge to rule in your favour.

Gather all relevant documents that can be valuable in your arguments and support your claims against your license suspension. You can also arrange for witnesses who can argue on your behalf. Also, properly familiarize yourself with the laws and facts of your situation. You can even first observe another hearing on a suspended driver’s license. Observe how the participants argue their case, and take notes on how you can appeal your case even better.