How to Choose a Vacation Destination

People today are required to make more decisions than ever before. From hundreds of flavors of ice cream to the varying types of bunion surgery, making a quick decision is virtually impossible! Having the privilege of choice can be a great thing, but in some cases, a narrow list of options can leave you happier with whatever you eventually decide on. In the case of planning a vacation, you’ve almost got too many options to choose from: the beach, an amusement park, visiting landmarks, or even traveling outside the country. With so many different choices to make in every other aspect of your life, shouldn’t something be simple? Here are some steps to help you pick a vacation destination without giving yourself a headache.

Who’s Coming?

An obvious first step is determining who is coming along for the trip. Is this going to be a lone-wolf trip for yourself, or are you going with your spouse? A couple’s trip? Are you going to bring kids along, too? Is it just going to be you and some of your closest friends? Will grandma and grandpa be joining you? The whole family? Who and how many people will be coming on the vacation will help you narrow your options for a destination; if your kids are too young they likely won’t be able to get on rides, and grandma probably won’t want to go partying until midnight.

Check Your Wallet

Almost as important as figuring out who’s coming is how much money you’re willing to spend. If your budget is looking a little tight, consider doing something small but fun; if money isn’t an issue for you at this particular time, your options are going to be broader. The amount and quality of plane tickets or hotel rooms you’ll be buying is another crucial consideration. If you’ve got your heart set on a specific destination but the overall price is higher than you’re comfortable with, try looking for seasonal deals that offer limited-time savings.

Look at the Calendar

How long are you wanting to spend on your magical getaway? A weekend? A week? Two? Whatever the case, knowing how long you’re going to be gone will further eliminate vacation choices. If you’re only going on a short weekend trip there won’t be time to travel far or explore a location in great depth, but it could be just the thing you need to get a short and relaxing break. If you plan to stay somewhere a little longer, you could go to a place with more to offer, which will keep you busy and give you plenty of things to do. More than a week might not be necessary, but if you are looking to fly out of the country two weeks might be the perfect amount of time for you and your family to enjoy an exotic beach and absorb a rich culture.

How’s the Weather?

Think you’ve finally got your vacation spot picked out? You’ve figured out how many people are going and you’ve done the budgeting, so you’re good to go… right? Well, depending on what you’re wanting to do, it also helps to check what the weather is going to be like for the duration of your stay. If you plan to go to the beach in the winter, make sure it’s not going to be cold and rainy, and the same goes for anything else that will take place outside. Doing this will cut down your choices even more, and if one of your top picks might potentially be ruined due to clouds and storms, take the safe bet and move on to your second option.

Closing Thoughts

Picking your vacation destination can be overwhelming and stressful, but by following these tips you can make the decision easier on yourself. Whether you decide to go big or small, near or far, your vacation should be a time to relax and spend time with the ones you love; so spend less time on the planning and more time on the experience.