How to Create a New You on a Budget

Sometimes with the changing of the seasons, you feel like you want to change something about you as well. It might be your wardrobe or the way you look, but you get the urge to do something different. Well, it is possible to change your look without having to spend a lot of money at the store or the mall, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Charity Stores

Rather than buying new clothes which can get expensive, why not visit some of the local charity or thrift stores. You can often find a varied amount of clothing, much of which is new or worn only a couple of times. It is a good way to change your look on a budget, and if you decide that this look isn’t for you, then you haven’t spent a fortune finding out.

Recycle Your Wardrobe

Before you decide to hit the stores, why not see if there is something in your wardrobe that you can change into something else? Perhaps there is a shirt that might look different if you dyed it or a pair of trousers that can become shorts? You should also look at your accessories; you might be able to give an outfit a completely fresh look just be adding some extra details such as jewelry. If you do hit the mall or the high street, then you might be able to mix and match what you buy with what you already have.

Make Them Yourself

If you have a sewing machine and a little time, then you can always think about making something. You can buy some cloth at a low price and make it into something amazing. There are lots of patterns online that you can print out and transfer onto your fabrics, then its just a case of cutting them out and sewing them together. If you can’t get any fabric, you can always use old clothes that you no longer want. You can cut them up and use them to make something new or add something to them to make them better.

Hats and Scarfs

As well as changing your clothes, there are other ways that you can change your look. Why not wear hats to hide your hair on an unruly hair day, or to complement what you’re wearing? Scarfs are also popular now with both men and women and not just in the chilly weather. They are also an effective way to add another dimension to an outfit. All you need to do then is choose a new hairdo from a site like my new hair styles, and you have a complete look.

Money doesn’t have to stop you from changing your style, in fact, by thinking creatively, you can create a unique look that suits you. It’s a good idea to keep looking in those charity stores even if you don’t need anything, just in case a bargain comes along that you love.