How to Effectively House Train Your Dog

House training is one of the first things you must think about when bringing a puppy into the home. Puppies are often unable to control their bowels and bladder during the first twelve weeks of their life. You must therefore have both patience and determination when training your new canine. Find out how to effectively house train your dog.

Set a House Training Schedule

It is important to establish a house training routine from day one of your puppy entering the home. Aim to wake at the same time every day before taking your pet outside to use the bathroom. You should also strive to feed your pooch at the same time every day, before taking him or her outside after a meal.

Look for Signs

There are often various signs your puppy needs to use the bathroom. For example, they may sniff, pace, or circle a room if they need to go. It is therefore your job as the pet’s owner to spot the signs and take your pet outside right away. If you catch your pup in the act, you must say a firm “no” before taking him or her outside – and ensure you praise your pup once outside. Don’t make the mistake of punishing your pet by pushing his or her nose into the mess, as the pet will only fear you.

A Dog Crate

There will be times you will need to leave your pet at home alone. For this reason, it is advisable to buy a crate for your puppy to stay in, which should be big enough for your dog to grow in. It is important to discover the best size crate for your pooch at Pet Crates Direct, as it should be large enough for your dog to turn around in and lay down. Your dog will also not want to soil in his or her space, so it is an effective way to house train your pet.

However, you should never leave your pet in a cage for more than four to six hours, as canines will more than likely have no other option than to relieve themselves. If you are regularly away from the home for more than four hours, ensure someone visits your home to let your puppy out of the crate to enjoy the great outdoors.

Pick an Action Word

Command your pet by using an action word, such as “outside”. Continually use the word or phrase to instruct your pooch to urinate or defecate. Also, encourage your puppy to use the same area outside the home to develop a daily routine.

It is important to note that house training can take many months, so you must have patience and never give up on the process. A puppy will want to please an owner, but he or she might simply need to learn how to do so. So, deliver clear directions with a firm voice and praise his or her actions. You can trust you will see results for all your hard work in the end.