How to Recover Deleted Files on Your Computer

Most of us have deleted a file only to realize later how much we needed it. If you’re lucky enough, you might discover the file has remained intact inside the Recycle Bin. Unfortunately, you might discover the file has been deleted. That’s why we’re going to show you how to recover deleted files on your computer.

Thoroughly Search the Recycle Bin

Don’t be tempted to go into panic mode if a file has disappeared from a folder, as there are some steps you can take to recover the lost document, image, video or audio file. The first thing you have to do is thoroughly search the Recycle Bin by typing the file name into the search box, which should be located at the top-right hand corner of the window. You can also search recently deleted files by selecting “sort by” and then “date deleted”, which will provide a list of all files that have been deleted by their date.

Search Other Areas of Your Computer

If you didn’t find the file in the Recycle Bin, we recommend using your computer’s general search feature. You may not have sent the file to the Recycle Bin in the first place, as it could have been misplaced in another folder on a computer. If you are unable to locate the file following the above two steps, you may have to undertake slightly more complex file recovery techniques.

Restore the File from a Backup

Do you regularly backup your computer? If so, it might be simple to recover the file from the backup service. This is a great solution for a file data recovery following accidental deletion, a natural disaster or a cyberattack. It will allow you to restore the file onto your computer quickly, so you can continue to edit a document, save a photo or watch a much-loved video.

Consult a Data Recovery Specialist

You might be tempted to opt for a DIY recovery option, using software to recover a lost file. However, we would advise you to do so with caution, as this can often be fruitless and it may even cause damage to your file structure.

We, therefore, recommend you consult a data recovery specialist, who has the knowledge, experience, tools and data clean room to recover a file without causing damage to your files or computer. Companies such as Secure Data Recovery can successfully recover a deleted file, as it is not removed from a computer once you hit delete. It is only the file reference that is removed. It doesn’t matter if you have a damaged hard drive or you simply need to restore a lost file, a data recovery specialist can gain access to the files from the hard drive using the most effective recovery tools and software. So, whether you have accidentally deleted your favourite photo, an important business document or a family home movie, there are many ways a deleted file from your computer can be recovered.