Inside the Mind of a Predator: What Muggers Look for When Choosing Their Victims

Getting mugged is a potentially dangerous situation and it is a traumatic experience that can leave a deep mental scar, which is why it would be a good idea to try and be alert to the warning signs that suggest you are being targeted.

Learning protective measures is an important aspect of staying safe and taking an LTC online course is one course of action that could prove to be money well spent. Also, it can pay to learn some valuable insights into what a mugger looks for in a victim so that you don’t give off those signals.

Don’t stand out from the crowd

As despicable as it might seem, muggers are always on the look out for victims who appear weak and vulnerable, so that they meet with as little resistance as possible when they carry out their attack.

If you are aware that someone might be watching you and start walking nervously and avoid eye contact that can often be the trigger that suggests to a mugger that you could be a suitable target.

Try to blend in with those around you by walking confidently and keeping your head up to look around.

Choose your route

Muggers love to find areas where lighting is at a premium and foot traffic is minimal, as that means they can prey on someone who has strayed into this dangerous territory and they won’t be able to shout out for help.

Always try to stay in well-lit and heavily populated areas, as safety in numbers is always a good ploy.

It would be far better to take a slightly longer route than walk into trouble by walking into the perfect setting for a mugging.

Men should not assume they won’t be targeted

It is actually a misconception to assume that women are far more likely to be targeted by a mugger than a man.

The reverse psychology employed by a mugger is that while women will often scream and put up more resistance to the attack, a man is more likely to stand still and submit to the demands more passively.

Male muggings tend to be under-reported and some muggers target men because they are seen as easier prey, so don’t assume your gender might prevent you from attack.

When you look like you are worth robbing

Noting wrong with wanting to wear nice clothes and having an expensive watch and smartphone, but displaying them in public will draw the attention of a mugger.

Many victims have been pounced on because they were too distracted by what they were doing on their phones rather than looking around for potential dangers.

The combination of the trappings of wealth on display, by what you are wearing and carrying, together with a lack of awareness of your surroundings because you are too distracted, will mean you are far more likely to be targeted by a mugger who thinks you are worth stealing from.

Muggers are not looking for a violent confrontation if they can help it and they will usually target people who they have profiled as being an easy victim, so think like a mugger and don’t make it easy for them to pick you as the next person to rob from.