Invite the Grandparents: The Positives of Intergenerational Vacations


Grandparents yearn for time with the family. Yet the generational gap may limit the number of activities and hobbies family members share. Perhaps it’s difficult to find shared hobbies but most people enjoy vacation destinations. This time, bring the grandparents along to make it an intergenerational vacation. Here’s why the decision has its advantages.

The Grandparents Had Their Hands Full

As you may notice now, it can be difficult to enjoy yourself on vacation when you have little ones to look after. Therefore, the grandparents now have time to enjoy themselves more being ‘second’ in command when it comes to the kids. It makes for a relaxed time for them. In a way, you’re now returning the favor to the grandparents for watching you as a child.

Now, You Have Time to Relax

Speaking of having a great time, bringing the grandparents into the picture means they can look after the kids while you have alone time with your spouse. It’s an advantage your parents didn’t have yet the little ones still remain spoiled either way. It’s a different quality of vacation when you’re allowed to get away from the kids and see spots as a couple or a single parent.

More Heads Are Better Than Less

Deciding on where to go for take-out or what time to get up in the morning may get confusing as more people offer an opinion, but generally, it’s better to have more minds working toward a common goal, especially if you’re traveling to far lands. It’s safer to have more eyes looking-out for the kids too!

It’s Quality Time Together

Some kids get to see their grandparents a limited number of times throughout the year. It may include holidays when there is much going on and people are preoccupied. Other times, scheduled or routine visits get stale and boring for kids. Going on vacation breaks out of the mold and introduces something exciting to all family members. It’s a great experience and opportunity to spend quality time together with one another inside the luxurious Marriott Renaissance.

Find Great Deals

Usually, you can find better deals per person as the people in your group increase. Rather than seek deals for two or three people, the group will include at least four or more. It’s a better position to be in regarding finding sales and negotiating prices for hotels, activities, rides, and more.

Gained Wisdom

You can’t deny that those who are older have wisdom. Therefore, it’s a great asset to bring along the grandparents, for they can lend a hand in watching the kids, yes, but they can also provide wisdom regarding being in a foreign place, traveling with kids, etc.

When’s the Next Time?

Years go by and chances to get together pass. When’s the next opportunity you’ll have for an intergenerational family vacation? Act now and start thinking about desired locations and those accommodating to your family. There is no later. Later is now, so rather than thinking about how it’s a good idea, start taking action.