Is Buying a Cheap Bed Online a Good Idea?

More and more people are buying everything online, from furniture to clothes to tools, and just about everything else in between. Comparing what people were willing to buy online ten years ago with today has been a notable and dramatic change. This is because today, there are more rules and regulations and consumer guidelines regarding what “tricks” to look out for. One thing that has always come under scrutiny, whether purchasing online or in the high street, is discounts. To which advertised reductions are best approached with a good helping of cynicism. Without a doubt, do not simply “take their word for it” when you see a “sale price.”

Tricks of the Trade

The prices of beds can vary substantially, discounted or not. While some manufacturers insist on fixed prices, many do not. One of the biggest and much used “tricks of the trade” is to advertise beds at inflated prices, then lower them to look as if the consumer is going to make substantial savings. Unfortunately, this is legal so long as they advertise that product at an inflated price for a minimum period. When companies know that doing this will make them plenty of extra profit eventually, despite the fact doing that is completely misleading the consumer, they will go ahead and play that game. Whether you buy online or in the high street, this happens. In this way, there is no difference whatsoever between the two. It is essential to use the same caution either way.


Do not be afraid to haggle – Even online. The logic would be that an online outlet has fewer overheads. Therefore, prices will be lower. Unfortunately, it is not advisable to rely on that notion. Check high street prices and online prices. Keep a keen eye on the horizon for sales. These offer up an excellent opportunity to haggle. If one online outlet has a lower price ticket because of sales, but you like the delivery and warranty better at another outlet, haggle with them to get the same price. You never know. They might only be days away from sales and more than willing to give you that up-and-coming deal – Particularly if they are an independent company that is not hemmed in with the fixed prices set by the manufacturer.

It is certainly not a clever idea to dismiss online outlets offering cheap beds. Without a doubt, it is possible to get an excellent deal and get the most from your money online. The furniture selling tricks of the trade are just as applicable in the high street as they are online. Today is not like years ago. Consumers do have buyer protection and rights with regards to guarantees and warranties online – Check what these are before buying to make sure you’re covered. Remember the basic guidelines of buying, and there is absolutely no reason it is not a clever idea to buy a cheap bed online.