Is Your Home As Energy Efficient As It Could Be?


An energy efficient household is the key to making substantial financial savings. Yet, America ranks poorly for energy waste and comes in at number eight on the list of the world’s top energy consuming countries. At a time where personal debt is high and thrifty living is a must, making your home as energy efficient as possible is a must for saving your household cash.

Turn it off

Turn off the lights when you’re not home so you’re only spending what you have to on lighting. When you are home, make sure you only light the rooms you are using rather than the entire house. Avoid putting items such as televisions and computers on standby and instead switch them off at the wall when not in use. A standard incandescent light bulb costs approximately 75 cents per hour to run and while this may not sound like a lot, when you add up the number of lights throughout your home, it soon adds up. Opt for LED lighting where possible which cost far less to run and remember to switch them off when not in use.

Ditch the air conditioner

An air conditioner might be a luxury to come home to during the summer, but it’s an expensive one as leaving it on while no one’s home costs several hundred dollars each season. On top of this, there are maintenance and repair costs to shell out for as well as day to day running costs, which can hit the thousand dollar mark during a scorching summer and with overuse. So, ditch the air con unit and utilize your windows, ceiling fans, and cold showers when you need to cool down and to save some cash.

Invest to save

Solar-powered products are the way forward and can result in substantial savings for US families when used to their full potential. Light up your garden and backyard with solar-powered lights and invest in solar panels to cut the cost of your annual electricity bill. You will have to pay out initially to have them installed, but the savings soon outweigh the cost, and with the typical monthly electricity bill expected to rise to a whopping $180 over the next two decades, now is the time to invest in your energy efficiency for the benefit of your household finances.

Financing energy improvements

While changing the type of light bulbs in your home and installing a ceiling fan are low-cost options, you’ll need a bit more cash to get your hands on a set of solar panels. Consider releasing funds from your home to finance your home improvements. Releasing equity is a quick and easy way to get hold of some cash to allow you to improve the value of your home and its energy efficiency. The cash is usually tax-free too, meaning you haven’t got to worry about losing any of your money to the tax man.

An energy efficient home can save you hundreds each year. To save as much cash as you can, ensure you switch off appliances when they’re not in use, ditch the air con and switch to alternative cooling methods and opt for solar powered products, such as lighting and solar panels. You will need to invest some cash to achieve maximum energy efficiency in your home, but the annual financial savings will make it worthwhile.