Keeping Your Family Health This Winter

As winter approaches, kids seem to pick up all of the bugs going. Which they then pass on to you and before you know it the whole family is coughing and spluttering, passing the same illness between you for weeks, if not months. This can lead to the kids needing to take time off school, you losing earnings having to either look after them or take time off to recover yourself, and it can even end up ruining the holidays for you all.

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To make sure you avoid the worst of any bugs already starting to do their rounds and ensure you stay fit and healthy enough to make the most out of this magical time of year, it’s important that you start to look after yourself and your family now. Here are some easy things that you can do to keep you all in top shape.

Good Personal Hygiene

Practicing good personal hygiene is your first line of defense against winter illnesses. Ensure that you wash your hands at regular intervals and especially after blowing your nose. Make sure you teach your children to do the same and that you all bath or shower and change your clothes every day.

Keep Your Home Clean

Germs spread very fast. So, if you don’t keep your home clean, it could soon be covered. Wash your bedding regularly and stick to a housework routine using antibacterial cleaners and detergents to ensure everything is clean and germ-free.

Utilize Essential Oils

Essential oils can help with a huge variety of different problems, including preventing colds and flu or helping you feel better when you get them. You could diffuse the oils to clean the air in your home, add them to your bathwater to inhale, massage them into your skin, or add them to a large bowl of hot water for more direct steam inhalations. Some doTERRA oils you may want to consider include:

  • Lemon, which can help to clear your nasal passages
  • Lavender, which could ease your headaches and aches and pains and help you to relax
  • Peppermint, which is thought to ease coughs and sore throats
  • Eucalyptus, which can reduce fevers and tea tree oil which had help to kill bacteria and fight infection

Get a Flu Shot

Where doTERRA products offer a natural approach, a flu shot gives you chemical protection. The flu shot is readily available, but remember, it won’t protect from colds, only the flu.


One reason we get ill so much over winter time is that we are usually exceptionally busy and don’t get much chance to rest. Give yourself a break. You’ll do more if you work slowly, take time out to rest and don’t get struck down by flu.

Keep Warm

Germs and bacteria grow and spread faster in a cold environment. So, make sure you keep your home warm and wrap up well when you go out.

Remember, no matter how well you look after yourself and each other, there’s a fairly good chance you will at least have one cold over the winter time. When it hits, take some time out to rest and relax, so you recover much faster.