Litter Picks – A Community Focused Form of Rubbish Removal in London

Being one of the biggest and most populated cited not only in the United Kingdom but also across Europe, it is no surprise to learn that London has its fair share of rubbish related issues. Though successful systems have been in place for general household rubbish collections and recycling for many years now, it’s fair to say that the nation’s capital still suffers from a few street litter related problems, especially on the areas that experience most footfall both commuter and tourist-wise.

Eager to lend a helping hand in more ways than one, one of the best aspects of London life is that there are countless amounts of people willing to volunteer to make sure that rubbish removal in London is done in a swift and successful manner. Alongside great services like Clearabee which are perfect for rubbish removal in London, the concept of area wide ‘litter picks’ is something that has become very popular of late.

What Are Litter Picks?

Put simply, littler picks are rubbish removal in London events that are arranged by charities or groups of people to help clean up the streets and park areas in which they live. From plastic to cans to bottles and every other type of city based litter that you can imagine, these groups of organised volunteers pick a time and place and converge on the area to clean up and leave things in perfect condition.

What Is in It for The Volunteers?

Most volunteers will attend a litter pick simply because they are passionate about preserving their home environments, but as an extra incentive and ‘thank you’, many organisations reward the members of a scheduled litter pick with free access to a fun outdoor activity like paddle boarding, parkour or yoga. The payment of time and cleaning commitment given by everyone is classed as a ‘nature tax’, and each volunteer gets to have fun in return for their hard litter picking work.

Why Are Litter Picks Important in London?

Working in conjunction with companies like Clearabee, here are just a few of the many important reasons why is it so vital to stage regular litter picks across London:

  • It’s an unfortunate fact that the council organised rubbish removal programmes in the city are already stretched too thin to be able to fully tackle the problems. By encouraging locals to get involved with the upkeep of their own areas, the burden of rubbish removal isn’t so focused on one single entity.
  • Rubbish has a tendency to find its way to the nearest water sources like lakes and rivers, and that is something that London can really do without. Any amounts of plastic floating through the Thames and eventually into the sea are going to add to the huge problems faced by wildlife.
  • By taking part in a litter pick, not only are you doing good for your community in a physical sense, but you are also helping to build that community by making important and worthwhile connections with your neighbours. This can be really valuable in a city like London with so many different cultures ready to be explored and embraced

Recent Litter Picks in London

Litter picks happen in all sorts of ways. Here are some recent, not-so-run-of-the-mill examples of community-led rubbish removal in London:

  • Every month, a group of volunteers gets into their kayaks to collect rubbish from the canals and waterways in the Limehouse Basin.
  • Maggie, a black Labrador-Rottweiler cross, does her bit for the environment by picking up plastic bottles as she runs around Avery Park in Eltham, South London.
  • Plastic Patrol organised a special litter pick to mark World Clean Up Day on September 18th, 2019. Methods included Plogging (jogging while litter picking), Parkour and Paddle Boarding.

As you can see, litter picking involves everyone. If you want to get involved, check your local listings, and the website of London Recycles.