The Very Best Of Nature in Sardinia

Of all the Mediterranean islands that you could visit I would put Sardinia up there is as my all time favourite. I traveled throughout Italy a few years ago and this glorious island simply blew me away. I recently found an awesome infographic that was talking about Sardinia and it brought back great memories. After looking back through my photos I was speaking to a few travel buddies about why I think they need to go to this gorgeous island and I wanted to share with you some of the best things to do in Sardinia’s nature should you get the chance to go.

If you are traveling from Italy then there are plenty of ferries to Sardinia from places like Livorno, Genoa and Civitavecchia so there is no reason why you cannot check it out when you are traveling the mainland.

Mariolu Bay

The island of Sardinia is filled with over 2,000km of beaches and the pick of the bunch is undoubtedly Mariolu Bay. Here you will find the postcard-esque turquoise waters and a beach with soft pink and golden sand that will slip between your toes as you walk across the shore.

Asinara National Park

This is a stunning national park which displays Sardinia in its finest, coastal majesty. In order to get the best from this region you should consider booking a guide who will take you throughout the best parts of this vast national park.

Gorge of Gorropu

These deep gorges are the result of the dried up River Flumineddu and they sit deep within the landscape with a rigged mountain backdrop. Often nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Sardinia, a visit here is an absolute must on your visit to Sardinia and you can see a range of wildlife as well as the dramatic views.


The Sulcis national park sits on Sardinia’s west side and once again offers tourists the chance to hike through the most beautiful nature trails on the island. A guided tour will take you through the heart of the park and explain the ecology and history behind this impressive region.


The natural draw of Sardinia for me is the thousands of years of history which can be found within the geology of the island and nowhere can that be better seen than in Gallura. Here there is a place called Valley of the Moon which has been transformed over the years thank to erosion from sea and wind and it is a truly awe inspiring place to visit.