Move Your Home The Right Way


Moving is one of the most stressing and most exciting experiences in life. However, you can avoid the stress by preparing a good moving plan ahead of schedule and executing it properly when the time comes. Efficiency, forethought and organization can relieve you of the moving woes that come your way. Here are some effective tips to help you move your home the right way:

  1. Get rid of items you do not want to move with

Sort out all your stuff and get rid of items you do not wish to carry with you. These could be items you had rather replace with new ones in your new home. However, you can get rid of the redundant stuff can without a thought mainly because there is no need to pile up because of your sentimental attachment.

  1. Choose packing boxes judiciously

There are many types of packing boxes available and they must be chosen carefully. Deciding exactly what you want to carry with you can help you find proper packing boxes. You should always buy file boxes that have handles and lids for the heavier items such as files, books, DVDs, CDs and anything else that is relatively heavy and small. However, you should buy big packing boxes for your clothes, pans, pots, and the bulkier lighter items.

  1. Labeling is very important

You should only start organizing your stuff once you have decided exactly what you want to take with you. Start by packing items that are not of immediate use such as decorative items. Put your valuables in boxes that are clearly labeled on all four sides. This effort will save you a lot of trouble especially when unpacking because you know the box to open when you need certain items. This ensures that you do not shift the boxes while unpacking because they have been placed in the right places. Besides labeling exactly what is in your moving boxes, you can add what room the boxes will go to.

  1. Pack items you will need immediately after moving in separate boxes

This is a good way to separate items that you will immediately after moving separate from the other stuff. This usually includes the necessary items such as paper towels, box cutter, eating utensils, trash bags, phone chargers, power strips, select cookware, toiletries, medicine tools and pet food. Such items can also be packed into clear bins that allow you to see inside.

  1. Move your items carefully

Once it comes down to moving, safety becomes top priority. Although you probably trust yourself most, transporting all your belongings can be quite stressful and time-consuming. Probably the safest option would be truck hire services that will handle the entire process much faster than you would on your own. They will load and transport all your boxes, and if this still worries you – you can be by the movers’ side the entire time to ensure it all goes well. Basically, they will be there to do all the heavy lifting while you manage the entire situation without breaking a sweat.

  1. Unpacking

After packing, transporting and offloading your belongings in the new home, you should begin unpacking boxes that you need first like toiletries, clothes and basic kitchen items. Before opening another box, be sure to unpack everything from one packing box and arrange them. This is an effective way to avoid ending up with a new place that is scattered with boxes and items that can confuse you.

Most importantly, you should not leave any tasks and responsibilities for the last minute. Once you start packing and home cleaning, you will realize that there are more issues that need to be resolved than you ever thought. Therefore, preparation is key to a stress-free and successful move.