Office Yoga – Why, How and What


Have you been experiencing a bit of a lull in energy or difficulty getting going in the mornings? Maybe you have been feeling sluggish in the afternoons and find it a struggle to get to the end of the day without a coffee or some other kind of pick me up. Sometimes getting up and walking around does the trick, and other times you need something else to sweep away those afternoon cobwebs. Check out the below for some great suggestions on how office yoga can help you not just be more energetic in the afternoons, but also help you save time and money.

Office Yoga – What Is It And How Does It Work?

Office yoga is exactly what it sounds like – yoga in the office. How does it work? Well, depending on your individual working area, it can be you standing up for five or ten minutes and doing some yoga-based stretches such as warrior poses, planks, back bends, forward bends and other similar poses. If you don’t have your own space or space is limited, there are a few poses you can do while seated, such as twists and stretches that can be done from your chair. In addition, breathing can be really useful for helping to clear away that mid-afternoon fog.

Why Do It?

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise these days for a number of reasons: it’s low impact, so great for those who have mobility issues or injuries that can’t withstand intensive exercise. It helps us slow down, contemplate and breathe correctly thus reducing stress and refocusing energy. It increases mobility and flexibility as well as provides a great way to stretch your muscles properly, resulting in a general good feeling overall once you lessen the tension in your muscles, especially after sitting for a period of time. Using office furniture such as your office tables and desks can help you retain your balance and can provide a great tool for stretches and other various poses, allowing you to rest your hands or legs on the surfaces, or even help you to get up into some poses if you want to be adventurous.

What’s The Benefit?

For those of us, especially working Mums, it can be incredibly hard to get out to the gym, let alone a quick walk around the neighbourhood. For many of us, we need to commute by car, bus, train or other and don’t get much exercise in in that respect, so office yoga allows us the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – exercising in between working. This will help us save time at the end of the day – allowing you to spend more time with your family instead of having to hit the gym after work. A win-win all around!

So there you have a couple of great reasons why office yoga is the next hot thing for working individuals as well as mums and dads. With so much demand on our time in our busy world, it can be beneficial to combine work and exercise whenever possible, so we can spend more time with our families at the end of the day. Enjoy!