Outdoorsy Activities That Are More Affordable

Everyone is trying to live their best quarantine life. While the colder months limited activities, the summer promises new options, and the greatest thing is that with most entertainment venues still closed, many activities are not only affordable but free. While you may need to look for hybrid bicycles for sale or buy some new running shoes to enjoy the activities, it’s an investment with long-term gains in most cases. There are at least five things you can still do this summer that are affordable.


While many local beaches are still closed, local governments are opening parks and trails, meaning that biking is still an excellent option for exercise and fun. Why don’t you pick up a beach cruiser bike with basket and enjoy a nice, lengthy ride through nature? Or, if you would rather enjoy the cityscape, pick up a men’s or women’s cruiser bicycle to take to the streets in style. Biking is a favorite pastime for a reason, and if your city says it’s OK to ride, then pedal on.

Running, Hiking or Walking

With trails and parks opening, cycling isn’t the only activity on the menu. You can run, hike or walk. Some of the best trails are only available to foot traffic, meaning that bikes are off-limits. However, you are not limited to parks when you decide to take it to the streets. Even during stricter quarantines, governments have allowed citizens to get exercise by walking on sidewalks. While having a big beach gathering sounds terrific after all this time, there is something still serene about a solitary walk or a hike with a loved one who lives with you.


When life returns to normal, public swimming pools and beaches are an excellent and affordable family activity. However, until things reopen, you can enjoy swimming in a pool you already own or purchase one for the family. While in-ground and some above ground pools are expenses, there are affordable vinyl options. However, if you do not want to install a pool, you can purchase other backyard water activities for the family that are cheaper.


Do you have a green thumb? Gardening is a wonderful option to cure your quarantine boredom, and it is not necessarily expensive, especially if you grow everything from seeds. A garden is excellent for stress reduction and health because it forces you to focus and care for something; also, if you plant a vegetable garden, you can save on your grocery bills. Gardening also provides an excellent bonding and education opportunity for children and parents as they work together to grow something tangible.


If you want some fun family time without the work and the expense of gardening, you can opt for a good old-fashioned picnic. The fantastic thing about a picnic is that if you have all the supplies already, it is free; also, you can have one anywhere, including indoors.

While everyone is likely getting antsy with quarantines still being in effect, you have options for summer fun, and the best part is it forces people to be creative and return to the basics, which is always affordable. Get active during this unprecedented time, purchase a bicycle, and go for a ride.