Planning a Road Trip With The Family (On a Budget)

One of the most fun vacations that I ever have with the family is when we load up the car and hit the open road. A road trip with the kids can be testing at times but overall we have a great experience, we get the chance to have a chat and we get to explore a new place in the most flexible way possible.

If you are on a budget then a road trip is a great way to take the family away on vacation, it may not have the appeal of a 2-week stay in the Caribbean but time with the kids is priceless, no matter how you spend it. Here are some tips on how you need to plan for a family road trip, with a budget in mind.

Load Up The Food

Stopping off for food along the way can prove to be very expensive and you can avoid this if you pack up plenty of snacks for the journey. For the cost of buying something simple like a sandwich whilst you are on the road, you can make a decent picnic for the family. I usually like to use a big cool box, put in some ice blocks to keep everything cool and then fill it up with sandwiches and drinks.


Whilst you will need to pay for campsite fees, pitching a tent and spending a night under the stars is a great way to enjoy your time with the family and an option which will cost you far less than a hotel. If you decide to put a tent in the car so that you can spend a night in the outdoors, you will give yourself great flexibility when it comes to where to stop.

Planning the Route

You don’t want to totally bog yourself down with strict planning but knowing when you are going to stop and for how long can really help to save you money. If you are unsure of where to stop and spend time driving around searching for somewhere then not only will the kids get cranky but you will spend far more money on gas.

Check The Attractions

You are bound to see plenty of attractions along the route which will be great for the kids, but they may also cost a lot of money. Once you have your plan in place, head to the tourism websites of each location and check out free things to do. You will often find museums and outdoor attractions which won’t cost you a penny.

Check The Car

Spending a little bit of money on checking the health of your car before you leave can save you a great deal of money once you hit the road. Not only will your car drive better and therefore more economically, but you will also be improving your chances of avoiding a breakdown, a costly and troublesome experience. Head to your local mechanic before you go and make sure that your car is ready for the voyage.

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