Put a Sock in It: How to Find Socks that Accentuate Your Booties

Now that winter’s on the way, you are probably pulling together your cold weather wardrobe. This is not the time to stow your boots. In fact, your ankle high booties may be your ultimate go-to wintertime footwear. Here’s everything you need to know about how to find socks that complement your favorite boots.

A brief history of knitwear

It used to be that only people who knit by hand could create wonderful leg warmers, and most of the leg warmers made by such knitters were woollen. In the 21st century, automated knitting machines can make dozens -or even hundreds-  of socks in the time it takes a human knitter to make one pair. In addition to this price-lowering advantage, modern leg warmers are now made with a bounty of natural fibers, including but not limited to hemp, alpaca, soy, camel, and microfiber, says Fact Retriever. Synthetic fibers are also available and are known to create socks and leg warmers that remain true to their shape no matter how many times they are laundered.

Winter wardrobe basics

Socks, leg warmers, and boot cuffs are absolute winter weather essentials you won’t want to do without, note style gurus at Vogue fashion magazine. Remember, there is no such thing as having too many socks, especially when the weather is frosty outside. In fact, you can build a delightfully varied wintertime wardrobe around one or two great pairs of boots. How? Switch socks styles every time you get dressed. It’s easy to do if you purchase well-made socks at a great price. Over-the-knee cable knit boot socks are perfect under skirts or jeans. Feature your boots a whole new way, when you pull on a pair of Aztec themed or rainbow colored BCS leg warmers.

Pack your drawers with a splendid selection of thigh-high leg warmers. Comfy and stylish, leg warmers are as right for lounging around the house as they are for pairing with riding boots. Go ahead and wear two pairs at a time for extra added warmth and comfort in cold weather seasons.

Lovely layered looks

When the thermometer drops, you’ll want to start building layers. No, we don’t mean bake a cake, although you can certainly do that if you like. Wardrobe layering involves donning multiple thin garment layers topped off with something bulky such as an overcoat, duster, blazer, or leather jacket. Scarves, hats, leg warmers, and gloves accessorize nicely with winter wardrobe layers.

Want to wear a skirt in wintertime? Do it. Just be sure to wear opaque leggings or tights, and boost your comfort levels with a perfect pair of boot cuffs. Less bulky than traditional boot socks, cuffs provide an attractive layer that adds warmth to your winter walks.

Welcome to winter! Before you know it, you may be longing for the return of summer. Don’t worry. It will be back. In the meantime, stay toasty warm with lovely layers and enjoy the changing seasons.