Recognizing Children in Youth Sports

Participating in youth sports is something that all children should do. Participating in sports helps children develop social, emotional, and physical skills that they need later in life. While many people may think that sports are for jocks or are for children that are gifted in sports, this is not true. Sports are for all children because they help children make friends, learn the importance of teamwork, and can instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in your children. While sports have endless benefits, only three out of four children actually participate in them. More children should be participating in youth sports and all children should be recognized for their accomplishments.

Recognizing Achievements

Youth sports coaches can use acrylic awards to help recognize the achievements of each player on their team at the end of the season. Rather than simply giving each player a participation award, coaches should customize each award to fit the players on their team. Some ideas for awards could be most improved, best hitter (baseball), best shot (hockey or basketball), best team player, has the most fun, funniest, best sportsmanship, and many others. Giving customized awards to children can help motivate them to continue playing sports. When children participate in sports longer they tend to live healthier lives. Starting early and recognizing accomplishments early can ensure that kids stay active and healthy.

If you are a coach and are looking for ideas for how to give out your awards to players you can ask parents to contribute to throwing them a pizza party, barbeque, or pool party if a player or coach has a pool. Getting children together outside of practice or a game can help children develop life long friendships and make the experience more memorable.

During these parties, you should allow at least a half hour for children to talk amongst themselves, form stronger bonds, and play or eat. After about a half hour, you should give a speech to your players thanking them for the job they did this season and encourage them to come back and play next year. Giving a heartfelt speech will touch the hearts of all players and parents in the room and truly show them all that sports is more than winning and losing. After the speech, you should distribute the awards or trophies to your players. You can tell each player the award they got, why they got it, and possibly a quick story about them that relates to the trophy. This will make each and every player feel important, regardless of their athletic skill.

Role Of A Youth Sports Coach

A youth sports coach has many responsibilities. They are not only in charge of teaching children how to play the game and the different rules of the game, but they are tasked with the important job of teaching children sportsmanship, teamwork, and the importance of having fun. Any youth sports coach can teach children how to play sports, but the best coaches go above and beyond this. They can use professional athletes, media controversies, and situations that happen in games to show children the correct way to behave. Youth sports coaches need to value each and every contribution that children make to the team and the game, regardless of how well their athletic skills are. Children need to learn that no matter how much skill they have the game should be fun and there is much more to a game than winning and losing.

Benefits of Playing Youth Sports

There are countless benefits to playing youth sports. One of the main reasons all children should actively participate in youth sports is for exercise. Organized sports also allow children to develop skills in teamwork, listening, sportsmanship, and decision making. Youth sports allow children to develop social skills and make friends with a diverse group of people. Sports also develop emotional stability in children because they are faced with dealing with winning and losing, upsets in the game, individual responsibility, and communicating with others. If they miss a shot or strike out they may feel upset, but they need to learn that it is just part of the game and that there is always a chance to do better next time. Participating in youth sports is a large commitment, but they should be enjoyed by all children.