Seeing the World on a Budget – Why Not Camp Your Way Around?

As a resident of the United States, you know that we have some of the best camping in the world. As the third largest country by land mass, only slightly behind Russia and Canada, you can see why we Americans love the great outdoors. Could it be that we have so much land yet to be inhabited?

As a result, we are, as a people, not new to the notion of camping to facilitate vacationing on a budget. If you are looking to see some amazing sights, check out the various kinds of tents on My Family Tent to find one that would work well for your journey into the unknown. Why not start with these countries that are known for great camping!


As the next country larger than the United States, Canada has some pretty amazing scenery to explore. According to votes collected on, Canada ranked highest among voters who camped in Ottawa. While most people today camp in RVs, you can still find campgrounds with amenities for campers with tents, but you will probably want to wait until the warm summer months. Being so far to the north, it does tend to get cold in winter months.


As the most sparsely populated country on the European continent, this is one place that just begs for campers. Not only will you get a once-in-a-lifetime view of the fjords this Scandinavian county is famed for, but you can actually sleep up close to the water filling these narrow channels with salt water from the sea. It is interesting to note that Iceland has no freshwater inlets. Rather, they are all connected to and fed by the ocean.


Who wouldn’t want to camp in the land Down Under? Not only are there amazing critters found only in Australia, but you can camp here any time of the year because of the variations in climates. While Australia is in the southern hemisphere, you can camp here in winter months because some regions are close enough to the equator to be moderately warm throughout the entire year. Campers love being able to spot animals found only here, such as:

  • Koalas
  • Kangaroos
  • Dingoes
  • Wallabies
  • Wombats

And that’s just for starters. Here you will also find primitive peoples who have yet to catch up with the industrialized world and who continue to speak a language few understand.

Continuing Your Journey Eastward

If you were to continue your journey eastward looking for places to camp around the world, there are safe places in parts of Asia and Africa (sometimes referred to as a safari here) as well. However, for these kinds of camping trips you just might want to hire a guide to go along with you. Cities in these areas are relatively safe for travelers, but camping in remote regions, although cheaper than in cities, could pose a problem due to the animals that roam the areas freely.

When on a limited budget, camping is a step up from backpacking around the world and a great way to see places you’d never dreamed of visiting on your income. Looking to see the world? Why not camp your way around!