Should You Learn to Play the Saxophone?

Although it may be a matter of opinion, many people would agree that the saxophone is a very cool instrument to listen to or even play. Have you ever thought about playing the saxophone? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should learn to play the saxophone:

1. It’s a versatile instrument

The saxophone may be best known for playing Jazz but is also used in Rock music, Classical music, Ska, military bands, and more. Therefore once you learn the saxophone, there are a lot of different types of music you can play.

2. There are many online resources to help you learn

Because the saxophone is so popular, there are a lot of YouTube channels and online resources to teach beginner saxophonists. Find videos online or use online resources like with extensive tips for beginner saxophone players.

3. It can be easier to learn than some other instruments

The saxophone isn’t the number one easiest instrument to learn, but it is generally thought to be easier than other instruments such as trumpet, trombone, flute, or violin. While the initial learning curve for piano or guitar might be lower or easier than saxophone (most people can walk up and strum a guitar and play a piano key), once you get past the initial beginner’s learning curve on saxophone, students often find their skills grow at a faster pace compared to other instruments like violin, flute, trumpet, etc.

4. Learning saxophone is actually like learning multiple instruments at a time

You may have heard of an “alto saxophone” and a “tenor saxophone.” Maybe you thought they were even different instruments. But actually, they are both saxophones, and more or less once you learn how to play one, you can play them all. This is because the notes and fingerings are the same, and the general way to play them is the same.

Common Questions About Learning to Play the Saxophone

One of the most common questions, other than if it’s easy to learn, is how much does a saxophone cost for a beginner? Beginner saxophone players can expect to pay approximately $800-$1,000 for a used beginner-level saxophone from a reputable brand, and a bit more for a new saxophone. It is not recommended to purchase a cheap, off-brand saxophone as the lower quality can be much more difficult to learn on and the instrument is likely to fall into disrepair.

Many people may also stumble upon an old, free saxophone from a relative, sibling, or other. That can be a great place to start, as the only cost will be any potential repairs the instrument might need. It is recommended to get the saxophone checked out by a repair tech at a local music shop to make sure it doesn’t need any repairs. It will be very difficult to learn to play on a broken saxophone, so definitely plan to get it checked out.

At the end of the day, music is a fantastic way to help process emotions and get a break from daily stress, so even if you choose not to play the saxophone, you could certainly consider learning a different instrument or even just mindfully listening to music for a mental health boost.