How to Start a Blog for Blog-Mammas

Gone are the days when new Mums were locked in the house all day with nothing more to do than care for their child and clean up after the chaos. Thanks to the birth of the internet, many mums are taking to the web to talk about their lives, their motherhood and share tips, tricks and stories.

As a stay-at-home mum, you will know that there are quiet moments that you will get to yourself, not many of them, granted, but enough to put something together online to create a community of mammas. The way to do that is to set up a blog and here is how.

Buy and Design

The buying and design process of starting a blog has been made so easy with a number of online businesses who offer this service for great prices and with plenty of support. All you need to do is to think of a name, check its availability and then go and buy it. Once you have your site bought you can use a company like WordPress to design it, the process is simple and easy to use, just get thinking about what kind of colors you want how you want the overall site to look.


When it comes to putting content on your blog, you need to ensure that you are doing this with regularity and that it is high quality. You need to make sure that you are writing articles, posting videos and uploading photos which will engage with the other mommas out there, after you’ve uploaded a piece, ask yourself if that would be something that you would like to read, if the answer is no, then start again.

Go Social

It’s unlikely that people are going to find your bog by accident so you need to ensure that you are telling people about it. The best way to gain an audience and connect with the wider world of mums is to hit social media hard, share your blog, upload your articles and most importantly, interact with people.

Make Friends

Remember that the internet, if nothing else, is the World’s biggest community and within a community, the people need to help each other. With this in mind you need to be making friends with other blog mommas out there and helping each other to gain more traffic. You can do this by guest posting or linking to their site from yours, this way you both win and you can both create a better place online for all the mums out there looking for help.

Creating a blog is not just something that can keep you occupied whilst your baby is asleep or to give you an outlet, it is also about using your experiences to help others and to encourage others to share with you the joys of motherhood. It may seem tricky at first but running a blog is a lot of fun and in fact, not so difficult at all on you get started.