Stylish Kids: Here’s How Fashion Editors Dress Their Little Ones

It’s not enough that fashion editors – and anyone who works for high-end fashion magazines for that matter – look incredible. Their kids are also dressed impeccably too. The chances are that whenever you head to the playground with your kids or drop them at a birthday party, there’s a child or two there that looks incredible. They are smart, stylish, and appropriately dressed for the occasion at hand.

Each time that you spot a child dressed like this, you probably wonder what their mother’s secret is. Children are not usually known for their sense of style. They prefer to dress in mismatched items, fancy dress outfits, and t-shirts that sport their favorite movie or TV characters. However, kids can be dressed impeccably and can have wardrobes that consist purely of stylish pieces, without a garish looking assemble in sight.

For a more elegant and refined approach to how you dress your child, below are some ideas and pieces of advice that fashion editors swear by when it comes to how they dress their kids.

Keep the colors muted

You never see a fashion editor’s child, or any smartly dressed child for that matter, wearing bright, bold colors. Instead, they tend to be dressed in subtle, muted tones. The outfits that fashion conscious parents tend to pick for their little ones are mini versions of adult outfits. These looks may not be as ‘fun,’ but they sure are smart.

Buy quality clothing

Quality clothing is a vital part of dressing your children as a fashion editor would. If you look at what kids in fashion magazine’s wear, and how fashion conscious parents clothe their children, you will notice that quality clothing is key. Designer items like Nickis Gucci babies range, for instance, can work well if you want your little one to look the part. Designer items are always created to a high-quality, which is what makes them such great additions to your child’s wardrobe. Not only are these items smart but they are also well designed.

Take inspiration from the past

A great tip for dressing your child like a fashion editor would do is to look to the past. Take inspiration to how children used to be dressed, as well as how the royal children of today are dressed. Look at the outfits that Prince George and Princess Charlotte wear – shorts, knee socks and collared tops with jumpers for him and dresses, tights, and cardigans for her. These children are dressed like the children of the past were, and they look great. If you want your little ones to look like they’ve stepped right out of a children’s clothing campaign for a designer brand, take inspiration from more traditional looks.

Children will always make a mess and ruin their clothes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot dress them in a smart, stylish way. Fashion editors have the right idea – dressing their kids in a way that provides a throwback to the past, as their children always look impeccable.