Sustainable Cannabis: Why It Matters, And Where To Indulge

Legal marijuana is now commonplace in the United States. While some areas are only offering medical use, others are open to recreational pot. It’s an exciting time for both people who have always been curious about weed, as well as people who have been smoking for years. Farmers, dispensaries, and pot enthusiasts are all benefitting from recent changes in marijuana laws. Many people in these categories are also concerned about what the sudden uptick in marijuana farming means for the environment. In the past few centuries, people worldwide have watched overfarming wreak havoc on their land. Can the United States avoid devastating effects? In a word: maybe. It’s key for the marijuana community to get on board with sustainable cannabis farming.

What Is Sustainable Cannabis?

The goal of sustainability is to farm in a way that doesn’t compromise the land for future generations. Sustainable farming of any crop allows the Earth to keep up with the demands required for successful crop production. When farmers work towards sustainable agriculture, they’re mindful of how they’re using natural resources. These resources can include soil, water, fertilizer, and other necessities for a successful crop.

In the past, cannabis farming has been hush-hush, due to weed’s legal status. Farmers traded tips and tricks, but peer reviewed studies were rare. Sustainable farming practices are evolving for marijuana farmers. They’re learn and discover new trends and ideas in the industry. There are some standards that are already followed by many sustainable cannabis farmers:

– Observe and understand the natural environment. To protect the growing environment, one must first understand the environment. Before planting, sustainable farmers take a long look at their crop fields. Observing the environment allows them to understand the resources they need to protect.

– No pesticides. Pests are usually a sign of a problem in the growing environment. Pesticides are a band aid to the problem. Sustainable farmers work to find the root cause of the problem. This benefits both the environment and the success of their crops.

– No chemical fertilizers. Like pesticides, the need for chemical fertilizers is indicative of a greater problem. Sustainable cannabis¬†farmers work to find the root issue with their plants’ growth. This allows the grow fields to remain chemical free.

– Let nature do its work. Sustainable farmers understand that nature knows what it’s doing, and humans don’t need to interfere and mess up the process.

Looking For Sustainable Cannabis? Check Out Lowell Cafe In West Hollywood

There’s no doubt that sustainable cannabis is going to sweep the United States over the next few years. Opening on September 24th, Lowell Cafe has already created quite a buzz in West Hollywood. Lowell is the first cafe of it its kind, and it won’t be the last. The cafe is set to be the first cannabis restaurant in the country, even as the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana has begun to sweep the nation in recent years.

Serving cannabis grown at Lowell Farms, diners and smokers will know they’re getting top of the line, pesticide free weed, grown with only organic pesticides. Andrea Drummer, world renowned chef, has curated the restaurant’s menu, which includes delicacies to delight even the most discerning palate. Buttermilk fried chicken, fresh mocktails, and other treats make Lowell a hungry smoker’s paradise. Edibles will be available for purchase as well. Lowell Cafe prides itself on only offering responsibly sourced, sustainable cannabis.