The Best Family-Friendly Adventure Trips To Try in 2018


Despite having busy schedules and an ever-growing list of responsibilities, it appears that taking a vacation is still a priority for many American families. According to a survey, more than 35% of Americans are planning to go on a family vacation. Road trips and visits to national parks and theme parks are the most popular types of vacations for families, but if you need to go on a unique holiday with your loved ones this year, you may want to pack your bags and go on an adventure trip. Exciting family vacations can bring a family closer together, and moreover, it gives everyone new ways to explore and experience the world. Need ideas for an exciting vacation with the family? Check out these family-friendly adventure holidays to try this year.


Winter is the best time to take in the breathtaking vistas of Iceland. As you and your loved ones keep an eye out for the famous Northern Lights, you can enjoy hikes over glaciers, around hot springs, or to waterfalls. It’s recommended that your family members are experienced hikers if you’re going on this trip, and it’s a good idea to take lightweight trekking or hiking poles to avoid slipping on icy or snowy surfaces. You can also go in search of killer whales or ride Icelandic horses. Afterwards, go for a soak in the powder blue waters of the Blue Lagoon. The waters are said to be therapeutic and rejuvenating, which is what you and your loved ones may need after a day of trekking with your outdoor gear.

New Zealand

New Zealand is where you want to be to see amazing wildlife, scenery, and hair-raising adventure. Head to Central North Island and visit Kerosene Creek to soak in the hot waterfall, or go to Rotorua and visit the Mitai Maori Village to learn about the country’s indigenous culture. If your family are fans of “The Lord of The Rings,” you can go on a tour inspired by the movie series in the Queenstown Lakes District. There are also plenty of extreme outdoor activities that you can do in the country such as paragliding, luging, and bungy jumping, among others.


Some families go all the way to Thailand to loll around in the beautiful beaches of the country, but there are other things that you can do in this popular holiday destination. Go around Bangkok and treat your taste buds to the freshest and tastiest street foods. Head to Chiang Mai for boat rides and participate in water sports. For thrills, visit the hanging bridge over the River Kwai. Before heading home, plan to stop by Bangkok to do some last-minute shopping.

Take your family on an exciting trip this year. Consider any of these family-friendly adventure trips and have a great time as you take in the sights and sounds of these amazing destinations.