The Key Equipment for Starting a Beauty Salon

Since the times of Cleopatra, women everywhere have been using products designed to enhance and improve their appearance. Over the centuries, the evolution of beauty treatments means that these days, not only women are searching for professional beauty treatments. Men are also looking for salons with the appropriate skills and equipment to enhance their looks. Skincare, makeup tattoos, facials, hair removal, bronzing, eyelash enhancement, or general body pampering are just some of the popular treatments for both sexes. The popularity of such treatments makes a beauty salon an exciting business option.

Starting up a successful beauty salon requires expertise and knowledge. To ensure that the customer’s needs are satisfied, the latest techniques should be available, and a reasonable amount of beauty equipment supplies will be necessary. The number of beauty equipment needed will depend on the type and number of treatments being offered, but a few of the most essential items are listed below.


Beauty trolleys are necessary for all those small items that must be readily available for any beauty therapist or hairdresser. You should quickly locate every item for use, from cotton wool pads to hair clips. A decent beauty trolley with various shelves and castors for easy movement is essential for smooth and efficient beauty treatments. A laminated surface, which is resistant to chemical damage and easy to clean, is also recommended.

Skincare Lamps

Skincare treatment is one of the basics in a beauty salon, so you will need a good skin analysis lamp. As its name implies, a skin analysis lamp gives an accurate analysis of the client’s skin using ultra-violet light. Magnification allows a trained eye to see otherwise invisible skin variation—various colour indicators signal irregularities or problem zones, allowing the therapist to proceed with the appropriate treatments. A purple signal indicating tender skin will require a different treatment than the skin that stimulates the red signal for inflamed, the orange or yellow signal of oily skin, or an area of blocked pores. The information gained from a skin analysis lamp enables a beauty salon to offer a treatment adapted to the individual client’s personal needs.

Electronic Muscle Toning Devices

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has recently become a popular choice for muscle toning. A simple therapy that involves using electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contraction, EMS can be applied to most parts of the body or face. This technique is used in the treatment for atrophying muscles, but in the hands of a professional beauty therapist, its application aids all-over muscle toning, increments body metabolism, and helps eliminate body fat. EMS treatment is most effective when combined with a physical training program.

It is best to be supplied with electronic muscle toning equipment that can treat several muscle zones at the same time. Look for an EMS device with a good number of pads and enough elastic straps to ensure they are held in place. Also, take into account the type of programs and level of intensity that you will need to learn in a beauty salon.