The Most Reliable Interior Design Ideas That Will Sell Your Home

When trying to sell your home, many will tell you that one of the most important parts of drawing in prospective buyers is how you stage the interior design of your home. While this may not be your first priority, the interior decoration of your home actually has a lot of influence over the buyer, whether they are aware of it or not. Because of this, the way you stage your home has to be a science, you want your home to feel comfortable and lived-in, but also immaculate and pristine. To provide a solution to your home staging woes, our designers have provided some of their go-to interior design ideas.

Before doing anything else, you’ll want to seriously declutter the space for a number of reasons. Over time we accumulate an abundance of decor that can make the room appear small, cluttered, or unlivable without realizing it (because the interior decoration changes so subtly with each piece), so you’ll want to strip it down to the basics. This is also an excellent way to allow the prospective buyer to imagine their belongings in the space, or gives them a way to view the home as a way to start fresh with a clean slate.

You’ll want to remove any items that are too personal, like family photos, toiletries, refrigerator decor, or any shoes lying around by the door so that the interior design is somewhat neutral. This will help create a more universal appeal for the space, because regardless of the taste, style, familial status, or gender of the prospective buyer, they’ll be able to picture them self in the space without any limiting interior decoration. An overtly feminine space may be a bit hard to picture a home in for a bachelor, or vice versa. Instead of limiting your potential buyers to those who have the same interior design ideas as you, it will be more broad.

Decluttering will also make the space look significantly bigger. Be sure to leave the larger furniture staples in place, like sofas, chairs, tables, etc. so that your potential buyer can get a feel for the amount of space they actually have. Additionally, if you changed the interior design of a guest room to be your own personal art studio or office, you should consider changing the room back to its original purpose, so that you aren’t boxing in or restricting the interior design ideas of the buyer to solely artists or those who work from home.

When looking for new pieces of interior decoration to incorporate for a showing, always look to fresh flowers or leafy plants for assistance. Our designers say one of the best interior design tips is to go for more simplistic arrangements instead of big flourishing bouquets, as they are often unrealistic looking, and will make your space look a bit fake. This tip works in all spaces, as evident in the interior design NYC uses in smaller apartments. Flowers or plants can make an impact in even the smallest of spaces. Some greenery will bring life, warmth, and comfort to your space to create the best interior design.

Ensure that your bathroom is in pristine condition. While most people struggle with keeping their bathroom spotless, now is the time you’ll want to make sure it is in the perfect condition for visitors. This means there should be almost nothing on the counter, save for some soap or perfume that is aesthetically pleasing. If you’re not sure what to do, you can even hire an interior design service to assist in perfecting this interior decoration. Think about the way a hotel bathroom would look: sleek, clean, and minimal. This is the kind of inspiration you should have to create the best interior design for your room. Make sure to give all countertops, mirrors, and handles a thorough cleaning so that they shine.

You’ll also want to take the exterior of your home into consideration, because curb appeal plays a big part in how a buyer feels about the space. This is the first thing anyone will see, and if they aren’t intrigued to further look inside, you may have already lost a potential buyer. So although this is technically not inside, these are still important interior design tips to take into consideration. The exterior of your home should feel welcoming, so you can add plants by your doorstep or planters to your stoop to bring a little bit more decor to the area. If you already have plants, invest in maintaining them, and again you can even hire an interior design service to take care of this for you. You should also be sure to touch up any peeling paint on the exterior, polish any rusty areas, and think about purchasing new numbers to make the address clear. Your lawn should be maintained as well to provide the best interior design for the space.